Milo – things that happen at day/night (EP Stream)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2013

The Hellfyre Club representative jumps starts his year with a double EP. Both of which can be stream after the jump and purchased here and here.

“i think what bums me out about most of the music i hear is how unabashedly vicious, cruel it is. which is an understandable response to a less-than-ideal existence but it seems like we’re at a point where no longer is excess, disparity or vice interesting. it will become (has become) the “cool” move to suddenly grasp out for responsibility, to be kind and funny, to try to make sense of a bleak, (probably) meaningless existence in a way that affirms duty/virtue. to grapple with suffering and not reduce it to trite sentimentalisms. irony and sarcasm are powerful tools but in an age of such the next development has to be an ardent genuineness. or maybe i’ll kill myself. i’m undecided.

things that happen at day // things that happen at night is a double-ep exploring duality and responsibility. it is unavoidably obtuse, overwhelmingly self-important and i am not sorry.”

  • shiningshadows

    Overjoyed to see Milo get exposure here. Been a listener for a little over a year. The guy’s an extraordinary artist.

  • Anthony

    It’s about time my dude Milo got recognition.

  • FromTheVoic

    Oh look, 2dope posted a good artist. Too bad I found him elsewhere long before he was here, yall niggas still slacking.

  • Complacent

    lmao sounds like something you hear at a spoken word contest, tries to hard to sound deep sounds forced.

  • Liam

    Busdriver’s verse was incredible – I’ve been following Driver’s music tips via his facebook/twitter for about a year now and he really is the perfect human-recommendation-algorithm. Remains true here.