Big Boi To Join Andre 3000 On New Version of Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter”

blame it on JES7 January 2, 2013

3 Stacks appeared on the original version of “Pink Matter” off Channel ORANGE. Well, a few days ago Big Boi took to his Tumblr to let the fans know he’s also dropping a verse on a new version of “Pink Matter” and confirmed it on Twitter. Outkast fans can finally rejoice, as this will be the closest to an Outkast reunion as we’ll get until the two decide to get back in the lab and bang out some new shit. SHAKE UPDATE: Just as he said below, Big Boi will also be adding some vocals to T.I.’s “I’m Sorry” as well. Dope!


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  • Good Peoples!

    In my day Tupac was our poet, now in days Frank Ocean is yall poet!


  • ^Your day’s over old man. This is a new generation.

  • cap

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  • Wtf

    So he’s dropping two freestyles. Big deal

  • Ricki Lutes

    AWESOME! i’m looking forward to it!

  • Good Peoples!

    @Vention Yeah the most gayest generation of them all, i’m LMFAO at the fact that you are proud of that smh

  • I’d ratther listen to ATLiens

    a persons sexual preference should not be the way you judge a persons art….And to say Tupac was “our” generations poet shows how disconnected you are from art not just hip hop..What about Saul Williams, Amiri Baraka , and Maya Angelou is still alive…Not taking anything away from what Tupac accomplished but really “our generations poet” is Tupac this shit baffles me

    I hate pseudo-intellectuals

  • Good Peoples

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  • Gen

    These comments always show that ignorance is bliss.

  • Good Peoples!

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  • mcd

    Wait, now people on here are comparing Tupac and Frank Ocean? wtf

  • I’d rather listen to ATLiens

    [email protected] Peoples
    Clowns always make me chuckle.

  • Good Peoples

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  • grandmastershak

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