• Good Peoples!

    In my day Tupac was our poet, now in days Frank Ocean is yall poet!


  • http://heartinasling.blogspot.com Vention

    ^Your day's over old man. This is a new generation.

  • cap

    wtf frank ocean isnt my poet and im from this generation you fuckin fag vention get the fuck outta here

  • shyne da poet


  • Wtf

    So he's dropping two freestyles. Big deal

  • Ricki Lutes

    AWESOME! i'm looking forward to it!

  • Good Peoples!

    @Vention Yeah the most gayest generation of them all, i'm LMFAO at the fact that you are proud of that smh

  • I’d ratther listen to ATLiens

    a persons sexual preference should not be the way you judge a persons art....And to say Tupac was "our" generations poet shows how disconnected you are from art not just hip hop..What about Saul Williams, Amiri Baraka , and Maya Angelou is still alive...Not taking anything away from what Tupac accomplished but really "our generations poet" is Tupac this shit baffles me

    I hate pseudo-intellectuals

  • Good Peoples

    @I'd ratther listen to ATLiens Shut yo faggot ass up! i ain't take shit you just said seriously

  • Gen

    These comments always show that ignorance is bliss.

  • Good Peoples!

    @Gen And yo comment shows bitch niggas love to talk shit only behind a computer bitch nigga

  • mcd

    Wait, now people on here are comparing Tupac and Frank Ocean? wtf

  • I’d rather listen to ATLiens

    LOL@Good Peoples
    Clowns always make me chuckle.

  • Good Peoples

    @I'd rather listen to ATLiens The fact that you said chuckle??? makes me not even take a faggot like you serious

  • grandmastershak

    My poets are nas andre bigge pac and Kendrick not in order but not frank i mean his sexual preferences doesnt mean shit to me i mean more power to him it least hes real unlike some of you fake ass mother f*****s online!