Random Acts Of F*ckery: Lil Wayne Gets Another Face Tattoo Edition

blame it on Shake January 2, 2013

Inspired by the Baker skating company logo, Lil Wayne thought it was a good idea to get “Baked” permanently tattood on his forehead. Man, I don’t know…

  • zookeeper

    Lil Coon.

  • fvj vtnugnun


  • clean joe

    I wonder what his parole officer had to say about this tattoo.

  • Really Tho

    Better or worse than the ice cream cone? I say worse because the tattoo looks like shit.

  • johnnytarr

    who would you rather have back on drugs eminem or lil wayne?

  • who cares

    @johnnytarr – I don’t think Wayne ever got off drugs. Either way, even though I’m happy he’s getting his life together, I’d rather have Em back on drugs. I hate saying something like that, but dude is garbage now.

    OT: Dumbass…

  • JAyP

    is it really RAOF? Its Wayne! It doesn’t surprise me

  • tony starks

    nigga looks like Flava Flav

  • AnyoneWannaBuySomePot?

    What arguments can you really make against this? It’s an ugly tattoo? That’s subjective and in a way, the whole point of tattoos – a permanent mark of a subjective experience, aesthetically pleasing to the person getting them. He’ll never get a real job? It’s Lil fucking Wayne. Dude could quit today and have enough money he’ll never work a day in his life. Public respect? also not an issue for Wayne. He sells more albums than Elvis. Parole officer? If there’s a problem they’re not ok with, he’ll go back to jail. Otherwise he’ll continue to rap about skateboarding and his clothing co. I say go for it dude. If you wanna get a fucking dick tattooed on your face, you’re lil wayne. No one will give a shit except haters and your next album will still go platinum. #RealTalk

  • ^^ there doesn’t need to be a philosophical reason for someone to think that this tattoo is retarded

  • kiko

    nah but really does his face look any different to us? i mean when he is in his videos surrounded my honeys and money will we be looking for that one tat on the dudes face?

  • KING

    Nigga can’t even do a proper ollie and he calls himself a skater.

  • skram

    thats the same expression he bgot after baby fucked him

  • julio

    dope tatt.

  • B

    Hip hop is intelligent movments. Sigh hip hop is dead