Swerve – Pay Day: No Idea (prod. DJ Mentos)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2013

With Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 on it’s way (check the first two singles here and here), Swerve and SYG are looking to start a new series entitled Pay Day.

Which means on the 1st (Swerve) and the 15th (SYG) of each month you will get a new solo track from either Swerve or SYG. Could be a freestyle, video, song, lo-fi, or whatever. Basically just things that won’t make any album/mixtape cuts that we want to release. So from here on out. Every pay day you’ll get a gift from us as well. Happy New Years Everyone. Love. – Swerve

  • Minh

    This is dopeeee

  • BF

    Good stuff. Can’t wait for Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2.

  • Brian

    Dope,too nice. Good Hip-Hop right here.

  • BtotheDon

    Swerve never disappoints, this new series should be dope!

  • Darya

    It’s only a matter of time for this guy if he keeps it up. This is ART right here and nothing less. If only all rap had this much passion put into it.

  • Omar

    Reminds me of Asher Roth, which is a good thing

  • RUSH

    ^^ come onnnn man, since when has Asher Roth ever spit some shit like this? Asher is dope no doubt, but lets not start the whole white rapper comparison. This guy is the next star from the west I’d put money on it. Also, aside from chuuwee, he’s the only promising thing out of the 916 in forever that isn’t talking about eating babies. Chuuwee is dope too, but has he ever put this much passion into any single song? I don’t think so. A song from the two of them would be dope for real though. Cities don’t ban together anymore, thats one wack thing about hip-hop lately. The south has that mastered tho, I guess the rest of the world forgot about how that all works.

  • buckeyeknight

    Could vibe to this all day.

  • More dopeness from the homie!

  • MY MAN SWERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dopeman

    dope like always, swerve never dissssapppoints nigguh!

  • Karan

    Swerve NEVER disappoints. Woo!Big up fam.

  • JasonP

    This shit is hot. Who is this dude?