Joe Budden – No Love Lost (New Artwork)

blame it on Shake January 3, 2013

In similar fashion as A Loose Quarter, Joey seems to be having an issue with deciding on artwork for his next album (which drops February 15th). HHNM.

  • Bitches be Trippin

    This artwork looks mad corny Joe

  • ,jygjcdhg

    horrible. it looks like a bunch of blurry dudes tryna grab his crotch…even the Advisory label looks bad

  • Real Talk

    This is what happens when you don’t work conceptually, you have no basis on which to make decisions and indecisiveness prevails.

    This is equally as flat and devoid of any real meaning or impact as the last, what a joke.

    Dudes need to get educated in this game, the only thing they do know how to do is rap, if that.

  • Rezo

    This is a case of being CHEAP, Joe constantly works with nobody graphic artists, sound engineers, producers, and videographers to save some money. Just listen to the sound quality of his music that he CHARGES you for, it’s sounds like some 16 years old first mixtape that he submitted to Datpiff. I’m not hating either, lyrically Joe is dope, I am just stating the obvious. He’s a half ass nigga, no other way to be it.

  • KING

    He had a good thing going with his Padded Room concept.

    Shame just because dude got a deal means he gotta sell out and shit. Betcha this album gonna suck

  • 2dope4nope

    It’s cause instagram and that plain mohawk chick got me deep in ha smh

  • 2dope4nope

    Oops this bowl game “got me deep in” haha him* and that vh1 too gonna be a welcome to slaughterhouse 2.0

  • who cares

    Wow… I don’t know which one is worse.

  • 93

    its not that serious though as long as the music is straight people shouldn’t care to much about artwork

  • Jules

    @93, I disagree. The artwork is a important piece of the concept as a whole. It’s the first thing you see (or it used to be back when you saw it on the shelf but anyway) and it sets the tone. If a album has a wack cover it takes away something from the product in my opinion, in the process of creating a record the visuals should be equally important. Look at Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Illmatic, almost every album from the classic era. Look at Blu’s No York album for example, 4 different covers all pieces intricate as the music itself. As a modern (bad) example there´s Roc Marcianos Reloaded, a fantastic album with a boring, generic cover. Had he (or whoever who was the creative behind it) put some more thought onto it would be a whole ‘nother story. Joey has never had a good cover except for maybe Mood Muzik 4 (and 4.5) in my opinion. This uptop is some mixtape/R’n’B type shit. And if that reflects how the album sounds I don’t need to hear it. In conclusion: a great cover can be the last piece that makes your album a classic, so don’t sleep. PeacefuckitI’mout.

  • 215philly

    I don’t give a Shit what it looks like as long as the music is good

  • realtalk™

    None of you buys albums anyway.. just change the pic in itunes if you dont like it instead of crying about it here

  • spewing

    These Slaughterhouse fools can’t do a single thing right. They have so much rhyming potential, but they do everything in a such a corny way. This artwork is a perfect example.

  • T9FTW

    Why all them gay ghost people white? Lol, he not in NY?