Lil Wayne – Rich As F*ck f. 2 Chainz

With "Good Kush & Alcohol" not even a full week old, Wayne drops another single presumably off I Am Not A Human Being II. Props to TnT.

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  • kiko

    He said: "Fuck you in your asshole."

  • Dat Guy D

    Man i just dont get this kind of hip hop smh childs play

  • SEAN

    At least the Beat is dopeeee

  • Mike Tomlin

    Man I remember when Wayne was dope. I bet if you go thru his old lyrics hes referenced his dick more times since Carter III than the 8 albums before it combined. Hes simply run out of things to say.

  • johnnytarr

    i know everyones music evolves over time but how do you go from being so good to this bad weezy?

  • KenTh?nkIn

    Its like he isn't trying anymore (in a bad way).

  • Jack Frost

    This Beat is ILL

  • $

    this shit rides, fuck you in your ass hole. Wayne is so hit or miss nowadays that its hard to tell what knocks and what sucks but this shit slaps no doubt. sounds like a good mixtape cut. If dedication four had this kina swag it would have not sucked.

  • Bizzy

    only part I actually liked was the Master Splinter line. I chuckled a little.

  • mike

    fuck this pussy he blows soo much dick that's why he can only rap about that. he couldn't rap kendrick if he had 3 wishes

  • trurace

    all of you are haters. this shit is riding.

  • BeatMeOff

    is there something wrong with this beat? its FIRE....but for some reason either the audio quality is bad or something else. Its just not "crisp" for some reason

  • Jim Norton

    is the quality of this shitty, or is that just me? it sounds like it was recorded with a motorola razr from 2006.

  • djzrex

    It's called a lo quality rip and wayne isn't trying lol. he's counting on his name (whenever people see his name it's an instant buy), features, and a fire beat for people to listen to his stuff.

  • djzrex

    I still like the song though. I was just stating facts.

  • 2dope4nope

    Yeah this was alright beat wise I guess and the lines "I just wanna hit and run like I ain't got insurances hoe what's yo name what's yo sign zodiac killer all rats gotta die even Master Splinter" oh that RIP part too but other than that he just trying sad!

  • so sad

    good in a million though

  • Lilwaynethakin g

    That shit straight Fire.....


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