Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” Goes Platinum

blame it on Meka January 3, 2013

Applause is in order as Mack and Ryan’s The Heist single has reached platinum status this week. The single has currently sold approximately 1.1 million copies and is No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, while their album The Heist currently sits at No. 46 on Billboard’s Hot 200 charts, selling 22,000 copies this week. Congrats to both of them.

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  • Bizzy

    Quick lesson to new rappers. Be yourself and you will go far.

  • snoopdoggydogg

    how the fuck y’all gonna support a gay rapper? our hiphop is in danger.

  • dev

    I’m not sure what being a gay rapper has anything to do with supporting hip-hop? so you would rather support fake gangsters/grown men who still boast about “hood” things they did in their youth than support an honest rapper?
    I honestly don’t know anything about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis if they are gay or not, but they seem to be getting some good press lately which is (2)dope in my book.

    anywho, Macklemore looks like Sabrewolf on the cool with that coat kkk. congrats on plat stat

  • True Shit

    Hes not gay retard if you actually listened to lyrics you would know hes honest enough to admit being “confused” when he was younger but discovered hes straight. His honesty is part of the reason hes dope.

    Or you could take Rick Ross and 2Chainz word for it.

  • DK

    ^Amen! So many Hip-Hop fans seem to only accept the same rapper archetypes as “Real Hip-Hop” then complain when artists are fake or steal someones style, flow etc. on the other hand when someone is genuinely being themselves keeping 100% real it’s not considered hip-hop because they don’t meet the stereotypes of what a rapper is supposed to be.

  • Leek1

    I know Mack, he’s been a real dude since day one….you remember the cool white boy in the click in High School? He stayed cool, stayed real, humble and committed to his craft and homey blew the f*ck up!! You deserve it fam, the industry is obsolete. Seattle INDEPENDENT PLATINUM Hip-Hop how bout dat lol Keep bumpin Trinidad James Haters ;)

  • who cares

    Good to hear. That song is groovy as fuck. I’m not a dancing man, but I can’t help but move when Thrift Shop comes on. Glad Macklemore’s finally getting the attention he deserves. Too many people slept on his debut.

  • DBS

    Fun song, good for them, I didn’t much care for the rest of the album though, not that it was bad it just didn’t appeal to me much.

  • Hal. A tosis

    Well deserved. This is refreshing hip hop. The whole album has been on rotation for me.

  • Consensus: @snoopdoggydogg is a bigot faggot.

    Congrats to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for making quality music that is actually being appreciated. Keep the music coming.

  • Ok Lowkay

    I just feel like when your a whit rapper you automatically have it made. You already have a ready and willing audience who never second guesses. Just my opinion.

  • Popcorn

    @OK Lowkay Yeah and that’s why rappers like Aesop Rock, Slug, Copywrite, Edan and others are selling out stadiums and going gold/platinum huh(sarcasm). Love it or hate it the majority of hip hop music listeners and buyers are white people. Who do you think they relate to more. Tatted trap rapper who a snow cone on his face or a clean cut hipster type guy with some issues?

  • Mr. Truth

    hip hop is dead. it’s official. if 2Pac were still alive he would have pistol whipped this gay hipster.

  • yp

    @Ok Lowkay Yup! That’s the truth.. White rappers are given an extra bump in Hip Hop. Their fan base is already established even if they’re wack. Mediocre artist’s such as Mac Miller, Macklemore, and many more, are only successful because they’re White. Plain and simple.

  • realtalk

    man did any of yall haters listen to this album?
    Listen to the one wit Ab-Soul, he even got a song on there defending
    gay peoples rights, im not gay and neither is he but just the fact of him doing that, he performed it on ellen, people say hip-hop never excels, but thats exactly what its doing.

  • realtalk

    and this dudes an INDIE artist , no push from a label , unlike the last ummteen singles that have received platinum status.

    side note, not even really a big fan of homeboy, but shit.

  • GodCypherDivine

    Fuck this guy he’s a fraud. When did it become cool to pretend to be a drug addict? You ever hear him talk about it? He said hew as addicted to everything…..right. When someone is physically addicted to a substance it’s one thing not just doing a bunch of drugs. This guy’s such a poser that it’s unbearable to listen to him.

  • realtalkSON

    plus yall are all wrong about being a white rapper and automatically having a huge fan base, the majority of hiphop fans, im guessing, are not white, and when they see a white rapper come out, they’re more likely to try and “pull his card” or second guess them, giving reasons why hiphop is for blacks only etc, yall are all bullshit

  • realtalk

    I have never heard anything about this guy claiming hes on everything, if said rumors are true, i never heard cuz im not a fan of him like i said, but when i hear amazing music, i recognize it and appreciate it. are you sure your not thinking of eminem lol “syrup painkillers cigarettes weed hennesy vodka ha ha ha”

  • realtalk

    also, last thing imma say, I kinda hate Thrift Shop a lot, but I understand it and it’s purpose

  • realfawkson

    i bet GodCypher bumps rickross

  • GodCypherDivine

    @realfagson I bet I bump Raekwon Ice Water ALL DAY YA NAH MEAN?!?!? YA NAH MEAN?!?! YA NAH MEAN?!? YA NOT ME!!!

    Just listen to any interview by him… FAKE FRAUD FAKE FUGAZZI

  • GodCypherDivine

    andddd the herb had the balls to tell jack thriller he wanted a 50 “hook” fuckattaheaaa I dont care how wack 50 is now this dude has no business talking slick like that.. A HOOKK?! FUCKATTAHEAAA YA NAHH MEANNN?!?!?

  • kiki

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  • takinghiphopback

    This is fucking awesome!

  • god this website is a disgrace. so many disrespectful people, I’m ashamed. HES NOT EVEN GAY!! god you people are so stupid, its blatantly obvious this site is full of niggers who are uneducated as fuck. Im done with this site, i’ve been coming back for almost 5 year, but i’v had enough. you people need to do a better job at moderating the comment section…….HOW ABOUT A VOTING SYSTEM FOR THE COMMENTS??? that would seriously fix this website tremendously.

  • He’s far from gay and is a real down to earth cat. I been knowing him for about 15 yrs and he is still the same person today as he was then. This is what hard work and dedication can do. He is not afraid of what people say or think about him so all these haters are just wasting their breath. Im not a fan of all of his music by any means but I know when go give somebody their props when due and he definatly gets props from me. I wish him the best. Him and the homeboy Wanz did their thing on this song and shout out to Wanz by the way. At the end of the day they went platinum independently!!!! So start hating when you can do the same!!!