Metta World Peace – Get Like Me f. Jim Jones, Deacon, Foul Monday & Challace

blame it on Illy January 3, 2013

Off Metta World Peace’s The Passion mixtape dropping All Star Weekend.

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  • dawgy

    didnt hear the song but fuck lakers! old fucks and knicks! old fucks melo is a bitch mofo that left a city that supported him more than NY ever will just for his girls’ career? haa shes not even all that and what the fuck does she do now a days? haa Jets Over Bitches and lakers suck! lames catch feelings, we catch flights!

  • K-eazy

    lol I wouldn’t even give a fuck about melo if I was a Nugget fan. Iggy is that dude. Just got to give him more options around him. Ty is great tho.

  • jaja

    world peace is rocking a brooklyn nets – exactly why he is never getting another endorsement deal ever.

    also to the last “dawgy” comment – melo played for syracuse – i think NY always supported melo and will continue to support him more than any city ever. he will retire a knick, hopefully with one ring on his finger.

  • joey

    i wonder if he gets made fun of in the locker room – or if they too scared to say shit to him

  • dawgy

    melo is not even from NY. noo denver showed him more love than ny will dawwg.. i hope he keeps getting stuck in the first round! haa

  • ian

    ‘dawgy,’ melo was born in brooklyn…. check ur facts before you start typing fam

  • afretz

    is he really rocking brooklyn nets attire?

  • 1hunnit

    Like he coulda rocked some like anonymous BK gear, but he got on another teams gear…smh

  • Lol this man is wearing a NYK and a Nets gear… he can’t even use the excuse “I was trying to rep Brooklyn” because he’s from Queensbridge…

    And as far as the Melo talk… he may have been born in Brooklyn but he repped Baltimore until he got traded to NYK and decided he was all about New York. He has “West Baltimore” tatted on his shoulder and even had a Jordan ad campaign promoting his Baltimore roots; “BMORE”. Whatever.

  • dawgy

    dumbass hes from baltimore. get your shit straight

  • dawwwwgy

    Melo is soft! marshMELO. lol

  • he’s doing it all for the attention you’re giving him

  • justsaying

    @dawgy he was actually born in brooklyn and moved to baltimore when he was young so get your facts straight.