Who Wants To See Curren$y In Las Vegas?

blame it on Shake January 3, 2013

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Like we usually do around these parts, the DopeHouse is teaming up with PurpleKrown and TheWellVersed to bring another artist to Sin City. This time, we’re lighting up with Spitta on January 12th at the Hard Rock Cafe. Tickets can be purchased here but I’ve got a couple of pairs to give away myself. Want one? Head on down to the c-section and leave your favorite Curren$y song. I’ll pick a couple winners at random and contact you via email. Good luck.

  • Jeff Otieno


  • aaron becerra

    silence ft. mckenzie eddy

  • Paulsen

    Record Deals

  • Lukas

    Ways to Kill Em…Verde Terrace

  • jumpman209

    Life under the scope…I live in Vegas too!

  • Fresh McVillain

    Jets Over Everything

  • $MiT

    Light Snax

  • Ed Lover

    One For Da Wave

  • Cooks


  • Scottie Pippens

  • PScott

    What Means The World To Me from Fear/Loathing in the NO

  • Sisco

    She don’t want a man

  • Sean Jarvis

    Animal – Independence Day Mixtape. Been rockin with Curren$y since Young Money Vol. 1 mixtape. Shake, let the tickets go to a real fan, a real head!

  • Came to say Animal, give the man his tickets…

  • mayes


  • -BBS Flow -A Gee -High Tunes
    Ways to Kill Em’ & Light Snax are both dope as hell.
    -Capitol & -Chandelier are 2 recent chill ones.

  • MFZoned

    Smoke N Maintain (In & Out) – Jet Files

  • A.price


  • j.davis

    Curren$y ft Dom Kennedy – Racing Stripes (Smokee Robinson Mixtape)

  • Maal

    “She don’t want a man” is the only answer

  • j.davis

    Curren$y – Famous

  • On My Way

  • Mooz

    Curren$y – Animal

  • Who Nose-Fin…
    Cell Phone Trouble-Independence day

  • caleb


  • success is my cologne-Covert Coup
    Double 07———–Covert Coup

  • BrownMamba

    Highed Up!! Pilot Talk II

  • This is the life

  • Stevenhelamin

    Showroom Track#5 off The Stoned Immaculate

  • Bryan


  • Joe mama

    Elevator musik

  • Pat

    Airborne Aquarium


    life instructions ft Smoke dza chopped up not slopped up by og ron C …smoke 1 to that ..ima screwhead and pothead

  • Jonathan

    Calm down ft Ced Hughes

  • Jonathan

    Title Track

  • Jonathan

    Selfish/Jets/Bad Bitches & VOdka

  • Jonathan

    Its Been Said

  • L

    Flyjng Iron ft. Fiend….. Classic

  • pimpRdie

    Modern Day Hippie

  • Donny

    Hold On

  • CTG

    Car service FT Wiz Khalifa

  • BNeiss

    Hennesy Beach

  • TONY T


  • Gen

    I’d have to say On My Plane or Power Button…shit Galaxy was a good record too…too many to name! Spitta got a laundry list of dope records I can’t pick just a few to call favorites.

  • Quinn Takacs

    Still (feat. Trademark da skydiver & young roddy) – Weekend at Burnies

  • Karim


  • Vegas Nate

    Hold On off the Pilot Talk 2 a;bum

  • Julius

    Plane Hater ft young roddy. MY FAV RAPPER

  • Brian Colin

    Bout It

  • EL JAY

    Address ft Stalley

  • thatonepakikid

    King Kong

  • Beemer

    In the Sun

    The Hangover

  • DonJuan

    Cant Get Out

  • Jesse

    Twistin Stank

  • Audio Dope 2

    Real Estate

    Fast Cars Faster Women

  • GHova

    Leaving The Dock

  • J.o.e


  • Bobs

    In the sun

  • Rob

    In no particular order: Techmo Flo, The Planes Got It, Elevator Music, She Don’t Want a Man, Life Under the Scope, Chasin’ Papers, That’s The Thing.

  • Ethan

    Spit Vicious

  • (Example) from Pilot Talk will is my favorite Spitta song. It reaches out to me memory than any group of word musically in the last couple of years. My motivation song to grind and become the person I want to. Jet Life!

  • MAC

    Glaxay ( this ain’t no mixtape ) , Famous ( Pilot talk 2 )

  • pdubb


  • DST

    Elevator Musik

  • job

  • currently

    King Kong

  • kayaman

    Address ft. Stalley from the classic Pilot Talk

  • Mr. Andre

    Still buggin on Smash On O’Leary!
    Ain’t nothin goin on but the bomb ass rap song!

  • ray L.

    “at this point in my life, im looking at it like a hustle..”

    Curren$y – Job.mp3

  • iLL Cosby

    Full Metal

  • DEV1

    Representing two of my favorite tracks that Spitta spit flames on…
    Curren$y – Up Here
    Curren$y – Lysol
    Jet camp fan since birth, Vegas local for 26 years. Good luck too all on snagging up some tix!!!

  • J James

    recent tracks with dope vibes!! -JEN



  • …Curren$y’s “Power Button” off of “This Aint A Mixtape”.

  • NeilP

    Curren$y – Where da cash at

  • donbernard

    “Blown Away”. first song i heard from him back in highschool. still best song

  • Mafioso

    Curren$y – The Strangest Life ✈

  • A lucky winner?

    Flying Iron feat. Fiend

  • Wrigley Boy

    Airborne Aquarium

  • kam the man

    king kong

  • Jthrilla

    Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet

  • Got it – This Aint No Mixtape
    (Verse 2)
    “uh,im so sick wit it one listen might have niggas coffin n snifflin
    my pockets is fatter than peter griffin
    green in em
    like my rolling papers
    had a couple niggas round me that i know was haters
    gave em enuff rope to hang theyself
    thats how i played em
    broke they own necks
    u see they bodies swayin
    from the ceilin in they mental prison
    closed minds wasnt open to the fly livin
    soon theyll understand that theyll stand over my niggas
    tabulate the statistics
    congratulate the victors
    which of u lames is airstrike victims
    im on my shit
    these karate carbon copy cats jockin my kicks
    im at work in my play clothes
    louie luggage on the racks of tha range rov.
    murda on tha beat
    cased closed.” -Curren$y

  • Bryan Martinez

    Life Under the Scope

  • Bryan Martinez

    Life Under the Scope
    Jan 12th is actually my birthday and it would be incredible to rock to “Jet Life” on my day

  • arkitekt

    Lemon Kush

  • EternallyG

    Curren$y – Spitta Nigga

  • Robert

    Audio Dope

  • Blackbeltdiaz


  • ibrahim lambert

    What The Fuck- Here ep

  • Juan Dominguez

    Scaling The Building – Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa

  • Anthony

    Airborne Aquarium

  • power button this AINT no mixtape

  • Parker

    The Pledge (In and Out)

  • Nicholas Hall


  • bird

    life at 30,000ft-Lysol

  • Paul S

    flyer than delta feat neako

  • RickW

    Curren$y – Breakfast