• hmmm

    Where's the song?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ whoops haha.. it's there now.

  • beyenesausage


  • CuttyBuddy

    "My friends ran streets while I ran beats, Grow in two different directions like Trinidad James Teeth" *OUCH*

    GET EM ADD2 GET EM ADD2!!!! Dont stop til you bury all these weak rappers

  • brooks

    "I'm workin' nigga!"

    Add-2 has had me hooked since his deconstruction freestyle. Keep 'em coming sir!

  • brooks

    "I hate wack rappers, I hate wack rappers. Ain't no punchline, I just hate wack rappers!"

  • Daniel

    Add-2 delivers again. He always finds the best production. I wish this guy would get the acknowledgement he truly deserves.

  • louiebagz

    Whoooo this shit is sick...where can I buy albums...

  • TheBrotherhood

    Add2 bodies everything. If you're still sleeping fuck you. RIP to this beat my nigga muurdered it

  • david

    Always droppin nice projects, lookin forward to seein what he drops in 2013