angel haze – Shut The F*ck Up (Azealia Banks Diss)

blame it on Illy January 4, 2013

The back and forths continue between angel and Azealia which started with angel’s “On The Edge” stemming from an apparent Twitter shot tweeted by Azealia Banks. Yung Rapunxel fired back earlier today with “No Problems” and Ms. haze is returning fire with her second diss track in 24 hours over 2Pac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah.”

  • JChrome

    is anyone listening to these?

  • kiko

    She said do or die. Pretty good. I understood more then I did that other chicks. I mean I could actually hear what she was saying.

  • does anyone care about these two lesbians?

  • K-eazy

    This is funny because no one cares about this beef at all. Both of them are not any good IMO. So i guess I side with Azealia cause I think shes hotter. I guess. I wish a good female rapper would release a record shutting both these girls up. Where you at Missy?

  • frylock

    fuck these rug munchers, wack ass bitches.

  • L.J.

    I don’t care for this beef, no doubt. But, Angel Haze is a lyricist. Azealia is beyond the fakest I’ve seen out, an Angel called her out on it. Azealia slept her way to this position, and @K, you must see something I don’t. Ha! She didn’t even bother mastering this track she killed her on. It’s funny, though. But, beef isn’t much these days, but McDonad’s burgers.

  • Jamel

    These females are showing the males up right now all these pussy rappers doing subliminal disses and talking shit but not saying names and being scared lol angel haze is above Azealia Banks

  • Gangsta Boo

    Fuck Dem Hoes!


    I listen to haze, because she has insane flow and lyricism!

  • sideshow mel


  • HardWhite

    she stealin sean p’s shit…lame

  • forget about it

    forget this song. does anybody care about these comments?

  • She has potential but….why it sound like she recorded that shit on a NExtel Chirp Phone, or on casio keyboard, or on a tape recorder at church, or on speaker phone on the train?

    hit the studio babee and never listen to Nicki Minaj again EVER!!!! they to similar? at least azalea more original…she just look like she smell poor!(newports, chx grease and angel perfume and project hallway)

  • L.J.

    @WangBLong – It’s unmastered for a reason. She said she didn’t want to waste her time producing a tracking over a bitch she didn’t care about.

  • frylock

    @L.J. she obviously cared enough to make two diss tracks after a comment that wasn’t even blatantly directed at her. an your telling me she didn’t care fuck outta. that rug-munching bitch can barely afford studio time. thats why it sound like she recorded with a fucking toaster. fuck both these bitches

  • kiko

    @frylock has tried recording with a toaster. you’re an idiot.

  • CABNumber

    Has this chick been kickin’ it with Blu hahaha?

  • T9FTW