Azealia Banks – No Problems (angel haze Diss)

blame it on Shake January 4, 2013

Twitter “beef” + a diss track from angel haze + a response from Azealia Banks = best friends by next week. Isn’t that how things work these days?

  • DonaldDuck


  • Meiser

    it´s called tweef

  • kiko

    I know hip-hip is for the most part chauvinistic, but why cant we take women in hip-hop seriously. I mean these are both hungry talented artists trying to make their name in this game and we here joking. I mean if we know anything about women tho its that bitches hold grudges.
    Yeah, i’m no exception to that male chauvinism.

  • DK

    ^ I can’t speak for everybody else but for me it has nothing to do with gender. It seems like Hip-Hop artists in general are sensitive they get offended by some of the most trivial things. If you really have beef handle it in person or over the phone don’t put everything out there of twitter.

  • wat

    Very weak. Angel Haze is winning. Time to listen to Haze’s reply.

  • very talented…..she just ashy as hell/w baby hair and she look dirty

    Angel Haze is dope …..all in all its good to see

    Dikes On The Mic!!!!!!

  • QZA

    As far a femcee’s go.. Lauryn Hill=GOAT

    Nitty Scott, MC
    Rah Digga
    Missy Elliott
    Jean Grae

    No particular order.

  • God

    this shit is corny as hell…..

  • Gems

    @QZA MC Lyte and Latifa go harder than half your list.WTF?

  • hesusduece

    tell this bitch to get her ass back in the kitchen and cook me a sandwich

  • durptron5000

    lol tweef…banks sounds like she stole one of missys flows and uses it on every track.

  • You guys sound mad corny, this track is tough. Comment people always have opinion.

  • faust

    the beat goes tho

  • T9FTW

    This track is hella better than “On the Edge”

  • Jules

    As far as a dissrecord Angel’s winning but this beat is goes harder. With that said it sounds like basically every song Azelia has put out. All in all it’s a sad thing when two young upcoming females starts with this shit even before they’re even really on. What happened to U.N.I.T.Y.? Now you see, that’s why female mc’s can’t have anything.

  • kardashianhairyasshole

    This bitch is horrible, always has been, Not Minaj wanna slice your ears off horrible though, no one is wacker than that pathetci tranny.