N.O.R.E. Changes His Name to P.A.P.I. (Video)

blame it on Illy January 4, 2013

N.O.R.E. revealed to MTV News that he has officially changed his moniker to “P.A.P.I.” which stands for “Power Always Proves Intelligence.” Here’s what he had to say about his new alias:

“Sometimes if you’re lost, the best way to find where you’re at is to go to the beginning,” he explained. “My mother doesn’t even call me Victor, my father has never called me Victor, my teachers didn’t even call me Victor… My name in Lefrak City and my name in Queens is actually P.A.P.I., it’s not even N.O.R.E.”

After the jump, P.A.P.I. previews his upcoming 2 Chainz, Pusha T, and French Montana-featured “Tadow” music video.

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  • greeneggsancam

    isn’t bodega bamz P.A.P.I

  • Magic_johansen007

    is it me, or when a rapper changes his name. he already has a new song waiting. as if a new contract meant they must change their name in order to stay in da game. man i just answered my own shit

  • j

    loooool are you fucking kidding me

    howe is it your name is really a different acronym than the one you’ve been using.. what.. really though?

  • spewing

    Why haven’t you hung up the mic yet N.O.R.E.?

    Nobody is checking for your shit. No one.

  • DQ

    ^ except you just took the time type out that post, clown.

  • spewing

    ^ your point being what? no shit i took that time

    if this post had a song on it, then i wouldn’t be checking for it. dude is irrelevant in hip hop today.

  • mike

    Good idea, thats wassup man

  • ScholarWise

    WHA WHA?

  • Fuckin rappers and their stupid ass acronyms

  • Mike Diesel

    how are niggaz hating on this you dumb fucks?

    fuck y’all dumb niggaz dat don’t understand tha science to this shit PEACE TO ALL THE G’s

  • I ain’t callin no nigga “P.A.P.I”. “P.A.P.I. killin it!”
    Yeah, nah. Way to fuck up one of the best acronyms in rap history because you wanna have some zesty, cool ranch doritos-ass name.

  • JS90

    He’s still Noreaga to me…

  • Confusado

    When I heard changing his name I thought yes, JoseLuis is back…
    Guess not
    Isn’t thirstin howl and hurricane just put out an album titled “Papi and Mami “????

  • james

    NORE trying to reach out to his LGBT fans, aight coo…..

  • david

    Power doesn’t always prove intelligence though, football hooligans got power, not much intelligence though

  • TiDi

    Changes his name to P.A.P.I. and sounds Poppy. Gay!

  • gheyyyy

    sound ghey