• greeneggsancam

    isn't bodega bamz P.A.P.I

  • Magic_johansen007

    is it me, or when a rapper changes his name. he already has a new song waiting. as if a new contract meant they must change their name in order to stay in da game. man i just answered my own shit

  • j

    loooool are you fucking kidding me

    howe is it your name is really a different acronym than the one you've been using.. what.. really though?

  • spewing

    Why haven't you hung up the mic yet N.O.R.E.?

    Nobody is checking for your shit. No one.

  • DQ

    ^ except you just took the time type out that post, clown.

  • spewing

    ^ your point being what? no shit i took that time

    if this post had a song on it, then i wouldn't be checking for it. dude is irrelevant in hip hop today.

  • mike

    Good idea, thats wassup man

  • ScholarWise

    WHA WHA?

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/bombs-over-b-o-b DJ Lanky White

    Fuckin rappers and their stupid ass acronyms

  • Mike Diesel

    how are niggaz hating on this you dumb fucks?

    fuck y'all dumb niggaz dat don't understand tha science to this shit PEACE TO ALL THE G's

  • http://triangularmindrape.tumblr.com/ Fuckyoupayme

    I ain't callin no nigga "P.A.P.I". "P.A.P.I. killin it!"
    Yeah, nah. Way to fuck up one of the best acronyms in rap history because you wanna have some zesty, cool ranch doritos-ass name.

  • JS90

    He's still Noreaga to me...

  • Confusado

    When I heard changing his name I thought yes, JoseLuis is back...
    Guess not
    Isn't thirstin howl and hurricane just put out an album titled "Papi and Mami "????

  • james

    NORE trying to reach out to his LGBT fans, aight coo.....

  • david

    Power doesn't always prove intelligence though, football hooligans got power, not much intelligence though

  • TiDi

    Changes his name to P.A.P.I. and sounds Poppy. Gay!

  • gheyyyy

    sound ghey