• Marty McFly

    wow this is some ignorant ass music.

  • BP

    no one cares, basement dweller

  • Kiko

    This is what they call club bangers @martymcchicken but the album was pretty good I thought.

  • jracct

    I agree Kiko. The album is great.

  • yyyyyy

    just like this song...the album was boring, unoriginal and bland

  • mineisbigger

    fuck ti that snitch fake bitch

  • Boom

    boring & unoriginal? lmfao.. ya'll niggas be too impossible

  • Spirit Equality

    It is arguably unoriginal if you've paid attention to the New Orleans bounce scene using the "Triggerman" break for 20 years now. What I will say in Tip's favor is, the "Triggerman" break hasn't really been exploited in the mainstream that much (especially post-Mannie Fresh Cash Money era) and using it for a track featuring Lil Wayne is actually kind of ingenious.