• http://gtfoh.com starks

    man its getting cOLD in here...

  • Good Peoples!

    The Dream Love IV >>>>>>>>

    • drew

      nigga please hamburgalar aint fukkin wit Abel

  • Craig

    I saw that picture a while ago... he either posted it on Twitter or Instagram or something and I saw people talking about it on a forum

  • Just Saying

    This dude music makes me sleepy


    • drew

      you sound like a nigga who dont get pussy

    • drew

      you sound like a ni*ga who dont get p*ssy

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    Just Saying you must be gay
    i'm just saying..

  • Just Saying

    You sound stupid and gay at the same time! smh

  • Just Saying

    @drew Yea you're a retard! nothing you are saying is making sense LOL! smh