Your 2Dope Opinion: Who Is Gonna Drop The Best Project in 2013?

blame it on Shake January 4, 2013

Earlier on Twitter I asked who would be dropping the first dope project of the New Year. Responses came in quickly with the likes of ScHoolboy Q, Joe Budden, Ab-Soul & JMSN and others. Bringing the question to the DopeHouse though, I wanted to expand the horizon and see what y’all thought about the entire year. With releases from A$AP Rocky (Long.Live.A$AP), Joe Budden (No Love Lost), Ab-Soul & JMSN (Unit 6), ScHoolboy Q (Oxymoron), J. Cole (Born Sinner), Big Sean (Hall Of Fame), Pusha T (My Name Is My Name), Ghostface Killah (Twelve Reasons To Die), Fabolous (Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power), Talib Kweli (Prisoner Of Conscious), 50 Cent (Street King Immortal), KiD CuDi (Indicud), Eminem (TBA) and countless others already planned; and hopeful albums from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Andre 3000 (hey… I can wish), Young Jeezy, etc; 2013 seems like it could be quite good.

The question I’d like to ask y’all is: who is gonna drop the best project? Take a journey to the c-section below and let us know!

  • A new artist, his name is King!

  • BringMoreHoes

    Sleeper: Danny Brown, “Old”

  • adi pre

    Budden, Pusha and A$AP…Hope Cole’s album will be better than his last…not hating just stating.

  • TheeIntern2013

    From the certainties, I have the highest expectations for “Hall of Fame.” Anybody with a Yeezy cosign for potentially ‘best rapper alive’ is unlikely to disappoint.

  • JChrome

    Jay Elect! did y’all give up?

  • bluelane12

    blu give me my flower

  • Rex Dolce “City Limits” No doubt will shake up the industry. Beware it’s coming and can’t anything stop it.

  • realtalk™

    INDICUD will be the most classic album of 2013

  • Earl Sweatshirt, Hopsin, and Cudi’s albums will change the game!!! Mark my words!!!

  • My Name Is My Name


  • BF

    Waiting for the new Swerve & SYG: Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2. Another solo joint from Swerve would be nice too. Last year’s Barrelhouse was dope.

  • im looking forward to Budden’s album the most;with him being my fav emcee.but pretty much all these album will be copped by me…DONT forget Jadakiss-Top 5 Dead or Alive

  • JohnnySwaggie

    Best 2013 Project : “Detox” by Dr.Dre


  • yogirlagrees

    My penis is poised for BIG things!

  • Cam n Vado- More Gunz, Less Butta

  • I’m interested to see what Slim Shady is gonna do….

  • Mike Tomlin

    Most excited about Indicud, Unit 6 and Eminems project.

    If Andre, Kanye and Jay all drop albums to go along with Eminems and Born Sinner, Oxymoron and Hall of Fame come correct it could be a good year for vets and sophmore albums alike.

  • stereoking

    Swerve & SYG’s CWWW2 has first quarter. hands down. we’ll see what the rest the year has to offer. all bets are on these guys!

  • 2Easy

    Eversno! His flow is..

  • buckeyeknight

    Swerve916 and swerve n SYG have the next year on lock with all new projects coming out, no doubt. Do yourself a favor and get them on your playlist asap. Wasnt even a question for me. I expect some other heavy hitters too.

  • Irv Gotti

    Ja Rule all day!!

  • KING

    Sleeping on Chamillionaire. He’s gonna drop Poison this year. It’s gonna be crazy.
    Also Flowers For My Father from Sadistik. That’s probably my most anticipated album of the year right now.

  • rapiscrap

    Gay Boy Slim will be tickling your fancies!

  • cloud1093

    to me personally, I gotta go with Swerve and SYG. people have been sleeping on them for awhile now. people seriously need to check out their music foreal. they are gonna have some insane tracks both lyrically and production.

  • fickyficky


  • Minh

    My mans Swerve gonna have this year on LOCK, I promise you. The world needs to stop sleeping on him

  • Chicago

    Most excited for Push and Budden and really interested to see what Em does. I’m not a fan of his accents or his screaming but his first 4 albums were great.

  • danny

    Indicud, Pusha, Schoolboy Q, Ab-soulo, earl sweat

  • blaize

    ^^^ hell yeah, that cwww was dope as fuck. can’t wait for part two… anything swerve is on is dope.

  • Btys

    Born Sinner will be the best album of the year… Just like Drake’s Sophomore album was extremely better, so will Cole’s

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being II

  • Helovethepussy

    Alpa Chino gonna make yo booty sweat!

  • killdisnigga

    Chris Brown

  • chapsticky

    D Cross taking the world by storm!

  • Juxapoz

    BLU if he can stop being lazy and cryptic and put out some work.
    And also looking forward to more Ab-Soul, Joey BadA$$, Dom Kennedy and the ASAP crew.

  • homothugsneedlovetoo

    The Fuck Boys are finally gon come out!

  • greeneggsancam

    trinidad james album going to be so lyrical, going to change the game bruh bruh

  • Washcloth

    Danny Brown ODB.

  • And 1

    TDE runs shit since Section.80 dropped.

  • Code

    I Am Not A Human Being might be dope. Wayne needs some momentum going into Carter V. I hope Pusha T drops a solid project. I don’t think J. Cole is gonna come through. Thats me saying that as a fan. I guess I just don’t see how he can really progress from where he already is. I hope Em gives us more social commentary like he did on MM LP and Eminem Show. Jay-Z needs to come thru BIG. If he talking about another Live Nation deal then he needs to pick is crown back up and blow the dust off. Can’t keep leaning on Kanye for relevance. Budden…I don’t know…good to see guy get his second chance. Never can complain about a new Ghostface album, I’m actually rooting for 50 Cent to win in someway. Nothing is authentic anymore and there are alot of sheep running amongst wolfs. Hopefully the vets will pull through.

  • rhyme like po



    GHOSTFACE KILLAH. Supreme Clientele Presents… Blue & Cream: The Wally Era!

  • imperetiv

    Looking forward to hearing Travi$ Scott’s Owl Pharaoh.

  • Maga D

    Danny! & Von Pea – Peaswain!

  • marty mcfly

    Ev & ALC – Step Brothers. I probably wont listen to much else once this comes out. Unless its Jay Elec or Jayz

  • Henny

    You know the radio and average listener will be all over anything new drake does. Gotta give it to him though. He makes average bars sound so good that if people aren’t really paying attention they think hes nice. Jay and Em are monsters and never disappoint and in em’s recent featured verses he seems to be dropping hints that he’s starting to come at people again unlike recovery where he focused on his own problems. I hope he does. All jcoles recent songs he claims to be “changing the game”. pretty bold but i hope he does his thing. definitely most interested in kanye tho. the dude always brings a new sound. whether it be crazy samples or weird voice alterations he always brings something new. Young bulls will do their thing too!


    I hope J-ELec… Whenever he drops his shit it’s a wrap! Seeing as how unlikely it may be, I would go wit Ab-Soul JSMN, and INDICUD

  • late

    Jay Elect’s Act II but not holding my breath for it. Common’s first(?) mixtape should be interesting and same goes for the Dag Savage project.

  • marty mcfly

    Also new GhostFace, Raekwon, Lupe, Drake, Big Sean, and it be nice ti finally get the Achievement from Mickey Factz.

  • 2dope4nope

    Haha the comments but idk Q, Soulo and yup that Ev tape cause chase the clouds away still the ish!

  • Yung Homie


    Then, in no particular order:
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Tyler, the Creator
    Ab-Soul + JMSN
    Cruel Winter (though I don’t think it’ll happen)

  • Chad

    KiD CuDi’s album will be legendary!!! Indicud & Long.Live.A$AP will be the best albums of 2013!! Fuck everything else.

  • 25dahitman





  • chuckster

    lil chuckee. no doubt bout it

  • -sk-

    AZ- Doe or Die II

  • IV

    Cudi, Q, Ab-Soul, Push and ADd.+



  • E


  • rockwell


  • late

    Almost forgot: Cormega & Large Professor – Mega Philosophy

  • lol


  • datruth


  • buster

    Madvillain , DOOMSTARKS, Ab-Soul and some newcomer

  • PokeMan

    Papoose’s Nacirema Dream

  • Axe

    Pusha, Schoolboy, Big Sean, Em, Wayne, that order

  • el rey

    I’m looking forward to the jeezy/T.I. collab album

  • M0ns!er

    Dr. Dre – DETOX

  • 2020

    Cudi – Indicud
    Andre 3000’s solo
    Earl -Doris
    Asap Rocky – LLA$AP
    AB-Soul & JMSN – Unit 6
    ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron
    J Cole – Born Sinner
    Pusha T – My Name Is My Name
    Tyler The Creator – Wolf
    Big Sean – Hall Of Fame

    In That Order

  • kd


  • Henny Cognac

    Budden, Pusha, J Cole, A$ap Rocky and Cudi will have the best albums from the newer/non-mainstream dudes…Jay, Em, Kanye, Wayne and Drake will have the radio locked if they drop albums…hopefully the LOX drop some heat…Fab should drop something solid…

  • J

    KING PUSH! Your neighborhood Pusha….One half of the rap group Clipse….Pusha Ton….YEEEEEUGH!

  • Slaughterhouse

    I have a gut feeling Eminem comes through with a dope album which would be surprising considering most of the verses he’s dropped lately. But besides Em… Joe Budden, Pusha, Soul & Q.

  • Middle Sized G

    Mac Lethal. 2013 MVP…


    Push Sean Cudi or kanye GOOD MUSIC NIQQA

  • MFZoned

    I mean I got the A$AP and its dope so technically he got the first dope project this year. Im hoping for a good effort from Schoolboy and Ab-soul just due to their track records. Rooting for 50 to make a huge comeback, dont know why just want to see it, dude is real. Swerve, Budden, Eminem and Pusha are gonna put out something solid, but not great. Im actually pretty hopefully for J. Cole this time around and im barely a fan. Kind of want a Drake album too, I dont think hes done growing as an artist and he might be great one day. Big Sean is gonna try hard, but fall short and OFWGKTA will drop a bunch of wack shit 15 yr kids will gobble up. Not holding my breath for Jay Electronica but if he does it’ll probably be top of the whole year.

  • MFZoned

    Forgot to mention anything them JETLIFE niggas put out is gonna be fire! Jet Life to the Next Life.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    It’s definitely between A$AP Rocky & ScHoolboy Q.

  • OdD

    Joey Bad’s album will be dope if he puts one out, Curren$y will drop another jem, Indicud will be raw, LongLiveAsap is already raw, Push will be raw, but im really looking forward to Unit 6 .. Soul&JMSN gonna be DOPE. oh and just gave Cold winter & warm whiskey a listen.. shit is raw.. Dont Sleep on swerve.

  • LOUD

    Oxymoron and fashawns ecology. Hoping it can be as dope as boy meets world

  • david

    CzarFace (7l, Esoteric and Inspectah Deck)

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    This year has soooo much good music coming out

  • Big K.R.I.T, Joey Bada$$, and Danny Brown have 2013.

  • MusicHead

    ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Wale, Drake, Cudi & maybe Wayne will have a dope overall album….but that’s no order .. I think either Big Sean, Wale, Ab-Soul, or ScHoolboy Q going to battle best albums of the year..Rocky wud have but his dropped so early that now others got time to top his album. Nevertheless GREAT START to the 3rd year of a streak ..to a great 3 straight great years of music.

  • willsee

    LMFAO you put Big Sean, J Cole, and Budden up there! And anyone expecting a hot album from Fab is delusional…

    Not really looking forward to anything yet. I’ll get the Ghostface, Kweli, and Black Hippy albums. If The Weeknd’s got an album coming out, he’ll probably take the top spot, based off Trilogy.

  • polo hova

    Schoolboy Q / Ab-Soul / Danny Brown

  • spewing



  • Jelie


  • Drew

    Cole World, Pusha T, Loso, Big Sean.

  • No one looking at Ghostface and his consistency of having amazing records. He arguably killed Pusha and Kanye on their own song. And with RZA on the boards as the executive producer of his album…gtfo

  • cONqueso

    Looking for:

    Step Brothers (Ev & Alc)
    Dilated Peoples
    Crooked I

  • duh


  • 2

    Lost interest in cole after his last album
    listened to longlivea$ap and was pretty disappointed
    used to think big sean was good maybe like 2 years ago
    when was the last time fab put out a solid cohesive album?
    pusha t and ab-soul albums will probably be pretty good
    schoolboy Q still hasn’t impressed me much
    50 cent..
    em/jay/kanye have been disappointing recently
    indicud has potential if he gets back on his rap shit
    collab albums with harry fraud should be good
    assuming blu puts out an album sometime this year – best album 2013

  • 2uP

    Schoolboy Q!
    50 CENT – Street King Immortal

  • marty mcfly

    @2, Blu AOTY?, good luck with that. My prediction is that Jay Elec makes the album of the year. If Jayz or Drake come out then those albums will prolly make the most noise but as far as the purists crowd, AOTY will most likely be Act2. The wait for it alone is an epic tale in itself and Its people out there that actually say Jay Elec is their favorite rapper. An artist with no album. Oh and btw some people are looking forward to Loso’s way 2 because pt 1 was actually pretty good. Lastly, and yes I hate to do this but people saying Jayz needs to make a come back? Make a come back from what? His last two albums (WTT & BP3) hit the hip hop culture like two atom bombs so what type of come back does Jay need to make. Its not like he fell off. Stop it

  • marty mcfly

    Oh yeah, IF Skateboard P ever actually finishes that Back To The Future album that would be highly appreciated especially if its a hip hop album and not an NERD style album.

  • marty mcfly

    and cosign on the AZ – Doe or Die 2 album


    Ab-Soul + JMSN
    Juelz Santana
    Pro Era
    Kanye West
    Angel Haze

  • 2

    i dont judge albums by what it does for the “hip hop culture.” i judge it by whether i would be willing to play the album start to finish without skipping a bunch of shitty tracks. in that respect, WTT was horrible

  • FOH

    Lmao of course, 2DBZ regulars always gotta be “cool” and name an artist (tha’s underground as fuck) & their project that isn’t on that list, and completely ignore the ones that are on it.

  • marty mcfly

    @2, yeah well idk man cause WTT was on some whole other shit and most people didnt really think the album was horrible. I didnt think it was 2012 Illmatic but it was indeed some impressive music. If Blu makes an album better then WTT or potentially WTT2 that would be an incredible leap in musicality for Blu. That would be a quantum leap for Blu actually.

  • marty mcfly

    Then again, he did make Below The Heavens and that album was Illmatic like, but its been a long time since I heard Blu do a album like that. Jesus kinda reminded me a little of that Blu but since then I haven’t really been into his other albums like that.

  • C

    That boy 2020’s list is nice.
    He’s about to make the next Chronic
    no doubt

  • 2

    i thought blu’s give me my flowers was a really solid album/one of the best of 2012. definitely some throwaway tracks on it and it might be too mellow for some people but shit the production was on point and totally matches blu’s style. i was starting to have doubts about him but this album let me know that he’s still got potential for another classic album

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah Blu might surprise people with some new shit, hopefully thats the case and just for the hell of it. Im kinda curious to hear what Rocky Fresh comes with. I’ve only heard one song from him and its the Nobody single but it sounds like a new direction for the MMG camp. Just saying

  • 93

    Looking forward to Earl Sweatshirt Kid Cudi Schoolboy Q and Danny Brown new shit

  • 50 and Soulo ho

  • yoyo


  • samefagging ass nigga

    man FUCK SWERVE!

  • the realest

    french montana
    juelz santana
    the throne
    andre 3k

    anything else doesnt matter.

  • j

    Freddie Gibbs x Madlib

  • Master Lee

    Cole or Drake.


  • Big Dan

    I have to go with my man J Cole been ridin with him for to long and he always comes harder and harder

  • 1) Cole & Kendrick joint, or Born Sinner. 2) And whether you like him or not, you know you gonna give Big Sean’s “Hall of Fame” a listen. 3) Pusha

    Summary: Either J. Cole or GOOD Music

  • 1hunnit

    Lol they can’t even mention Lupe in the discussion? I think his 2013 project is gonna be better than about half the dudes mentioned. Just sayin

  • Suede

    Big Sean Has Made A Significant Name For Himself Really Without The Help Of Kanye, And Even Though He Is Somethin Like A Goof Ball Rapper, He Is Indeed Talented And Witty. His Project Should Be Decent.
    J.Cole, Is NBA’s Chris Paul. He’s Popular, Influential Lyricist And Worthy Of Major Success But Lacks Somethin. But Sideline Story Was A Success In My Eye, So I’ll Pick Up Born Sinner.

    Last But Not Least, Fabolous. Alot Of Y’all Haven’t Mentioned Los, Or If So Shyted On Em, And Why Question Is Why? He’s The Most Lyrical Rapper That KILLS Your Own Favorite Rappers On Their Own Tracks. He Deliveries Solid FREE Mixtapes With Lines That’s Are HEAVILY Quotable. So It Faithoms Me (Almost Bothers Me) How This Guy Doesnt Recieve The Credit Due. But Loso’s Way 2 Is At The Top Of My List, It Should Be At Y’all Too If Y’all Seriously Listen To What Rap/Hiphop Is All About, Which Is Lyrics!

  • Carlos “Charles brwn” Luengas

    J. Cole and kendrick lamar_out the sky_good kid cold world_ and definitely looking forward to jay elect and Andre 3000 upcoming work…and last but not least if dre drops detox wich he probly won’t ….but still got my hopes up. # That’s dope

  • MusicHead

    @Suede ay Suede shut that shit up.. Fabs mixtapes be nice but his albums be lacking appeal… thats why ..he lacks appeal…he needs more than just lyrics.

  • M GAR


  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, Fabolous has done what only few MCs have done well from his era. Which is cater to both underground and mainstream listeners by making big radio records and then consistently delivering bars on mixtapes for the heads. If Fabolous is lacking in appeal then I guess alot of other rappers are really lacking in multiple areas. Is all his music dope? NO, are all his albums dope? NO but Real Talk is still one of the best albums from that time period and all his albums and tapes after that were also niccce. Not everybody is gonna listen to a Fabolous project but all Fab needs is that one big record at this point and he’d be right up there with the greats imo. Jayz, BIG, Jada, Killa, AZ even Rae and Ghost, they all cut from that gritty new york lyrical hustla shit and even though Fab aint always talked about he been holding it down for years now. On another note, all you people giving Ghostface his props, its all good and no diss but I hope you been buying his albums over the years since your so excited over his next release. I have them all and hope you plan on actually supporting dope hip hop this year, just saying


  • realtalk™

    Fabolous hasn’t been relevent in a couple years.. stop trying to make a case for him.

  • yall niggaz gay niggaz

    justin bieber

  • bridge

    LongLiveA$AP is in my opinion dope as hell. Cole is dope, Cole World was pretty good but nowhere near his potential. Born Sinner will be much better (first single for cole world was work out, first single for born sinner is miss america… HUGE improvement as far as a single / “lyrical” aspect goes). Hall of fame will not be “more deep” and a huge improvement like big sean says, and i’m personally past big sean. i used to love him, but no longer do. If Jay Elect drops, it’ll likely be incredible. Earl’s album will likely be incredible, joey said a few days ago he wasnt yet ready to make an album but anything he puts out will be more than worth checking for. Unit 6 should be incredible. a Schoolboy Q album should be very strong. I don’t see eminem making an album remotely on par with his first 4. I just pray he doesnt scream on every song i.e. recovery. Not counting on a kanye or jay album but if either drops that would be dope.

  • bigErn

    Pusha would, but he can’t seem to stop being so fucking linear and rapping about coke in EVERY SONG. Wtf. Based off of one of the strongest mixtapes in awhile, Detroit, I’d go big sean

  • incase you didnt kno

    2013 – The Year Of Cudi. Welcome To Cud Year.

  • Kyle

    Cole World Born Sinner

  • Looking forward to mostly kid cudi && eminems new albums, hopefully drake drops something new, most people hate but i still think hes good, just my opinion

  • kingg

    Damn Everybody dope!! but i think jay elec,cole and joe budden gonna be the dopest ones. Still i cant wait to listen to all of em

  • III


  • marty mcfly

    @realtalk, You dont have to be “relevant” in hip hop. Thats just a word that wack rappers and their fans use so that they have something to say against artists that make way better music then them. Relevant means to be a part of the topic at hand or discussion at the moment. So you dont have to be relevant today in order to put out a record or mixtape tomorrow. Fab hasn’t been in the mainstream for a while but his last two radio singles went gold (Throw It In The Bag, You Be Killing Em) and his other singles (Everything everyday and Money Goes ft Jayz) were dope from Loso’s Way. On the mixtape level he been putting out songs and videos for the last two to three years from There Is No Competition 2 & 3 ans Soul Tape 2 & 3. He just put out a dope video with Pusha like last week and SoNY was one of the best NY anthem type songs last year. So you see I dont have to make much of a case for Fab and compared to the rappers you’d say are “relevant”, I doubt they’ve been at it on this type of level the last few years. #Take the “relevant” word outta hip hop cause its like “hater” , its really just their to make it seem wack artists are actually doing something and in the context most you fools use it in, your favorite underground lyricist has never been “relevant” their whole career.

  • pckq

    Talib Kweli, Andre 3000 (hopefully), J Cole, or Ab-Soul. Why no new Kendrick album?

  • Lance Geneva

    Cole, ScHoolboy, and Slim should go in.. But I’m really interested in Big Seans album, it’s insane how much he improves every project.. Detroit was a fantastic piece of work..


    Cole already got my vote after I heard the 3 verses from that footaction event “Crooked Smile.” and TDE hasnt disaapointed so ScHoolboy should be good

  • protect the basedgod


  • Wickywoss

    Lol at swerve aliases all up on his own dick

    Ain’t nobody know who you be

    That being said,
    Schoolboy q
    Danny brown
    Sober Royce?

  • Wickywoss

    And of course asap rocky kilt ir

  • Jay Lee

    Considering no Hip-Hop album released in 2012 sold a million units, not even Nicki’s Pop-Rap album, Hip-Hop needs Em & Jay to drop albums. I, personally, am looking forward to albums from both. While I haven’t been a big supporter of 50 since “The Massacre”, I too hope can manage to do good with “Street King Immortal” (New Day, First Date, My Life, Major Distribution… IMO he’s 4 for 4). I’m also waiting for albums from Cole, Royce, Jada, Cham, & others. If “Detox” & the LOX album actually arrive this year, it’ll be that much better. Oh, & as a long time BTNH fan, I’m just hoping for atleast good projects from Krayzie, Bizzy, & the group together. N ain’t there a Nate Dogg project in the works?

  • Smooveeee

    New BKLYN trio Royal Clutch droppin an album this which prolly gonna give them the recognition they deserve. BROOOOKKKLYNNNNNN

  • GreenOvaBoy

    Q and Ziplock P

  • youknow

    jay elec

  • JMC_rebellious

    Lupe FIasco Food & Liquor 2 Pt. II, first one was a classic i my opinion

  • prince

    Oxymoron & Unit 6 HIIIPOWER

  • Trill Cosby


  • iknowimfuckedup

    Looks like everyone is giving up on Detox and Jay Electronica’s album. I’m still waiting on the Tupac Hologram album to come it. Heard it was gonna be fire. I heard he got Whitney Houston to do vocals on this one track and she was sounding like a straight angel. J.Cole’s buzz is on one of the tracks too.

  • ***


  • INS

    Pusha T, Ghostface, dj INSITE… Kanye/GOOD (/Jay), Eminem, Step Brothers…. also them Lloyd Banks mixtapes…. all have potential great releases..!! could be a good year ahead..

    [I’ll hold off the mention of jay elect n 3stacks (/detox) until they’re actually happening]

  • david

    @Marty “If Blu makes an album better then WTT or potentially WTT2 that would be an incredible leap in musicality for Blu. That would be a quantum leap for Blu actually.”
    WTT was wack, No church in the wild was nice but that’s about it from me, from a hip-hop perspective it was over-rated and built off rep and expectations and just didn’t deliver, will never be a classic, from a pop/rap perspective it was probably nice and something to play in cars/clubs to hype people up but that’s it. I hope Blu never falls to WTT level, average Blu lyrics are better than Jay/Ye’s best, and Exile’s production speaks for itself

  • defcon

    CuDi, Q, and Jay Elec if he drops something

  • chef

    push and schoolboy q are about to get some more fans

  • Big Sean!

  • juanrozay

    big sean

  • James


  • no old rappers

    J.Cole will by far Joe Budden project will be one of the worst projects his ever drops which continues the decline following on from the Slaughterhouse album/mixtape and Loose Quarter. Born Sinner is taking 1st Quarter,Big Sean who the fuck is checking for him saying that even he had a better mixtape than Joe Budden, Fuck SchoolBoyQ

  • marty mcfly

    @david, you hope Blu never falls down to the WTT level? So in your opinion Blu is above that level? Yeah OK. Blu’s last album was made for people that have trouble falling asleep, while WTT was an event album that was loved by most of the hip hop culture. Only the most underground of underground of underground type fools got something negative to say about WTT and even to make that argument they have to ignore the other obvious dope songs and act like it was all Lift Off and Niggas In Paris. Maybe you should listen to some of the other songs before you say Blu is a better lyricist then Jayz cause if thats the case Blu has a looooooooong way to go cause 1 good album dont make him better then everybody else.

  • david

    @marty I’m not tryna spark a mainstream vs underground argument just the majority of the time underground artists are nicer than mainstream ones, Jay and Ye aren’t exceptions, underground hip-hop artists have better word-play, versatility, emotivity, concepts, punchlines, rhyme schemes and multis, originality, story-telling and every other factor that I judge hip-hop talent by, in Blu’s case it’s emotivity and relatablity, these are things that take skill to portray successfully through lyrics, Jay/Ye have no depth, their lyrics are easy to write and carry no weight, even when they’re talking about materialistic things and wealth their lyrics come off as cheap

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Ok lets run down the best mainstream artists starting with Nas because he’s the topic of discussion today for his CNN, greatest MC of all time crown. Nas was never an underground artist, he has been mainstream from day 1, Wu Tang are mainstream artists, Outkast, 2pac, Ice Cube, The Roots, Eminem, Biggie, Tribe, Busta, Common, Big Pun, DMX. These are or were all mainstream hip hop artists. So how is it that underground artist have better wordplay? Id say these artists wordplay is also pretty impressive. If Jayz lyrics are easy to write then try writing some and see how it goes for you.

  • marty mcfly

    The last song on Jayz last album was Forever Young and I just dont think that song was easy to write cause there is definitely wordplay involved.

  • Eminem might Get it this year, isn’t he working we with No I.D. for this years release? J Cole Album might be nice to, from the loose tracks we have been getting, speaking of that, WHATS UP WITH THE J COLE/KENDRICK ALBUM CAN WE GET THAT, Schoolboy Q next Album might be nice also, the Lil Wayne Album is going to be what YOU EXPECT most likely, CAN ANYBODY FIND J ELECTRONICA? HOW BOUT A ALBUM 2013 YA THINK? Last but not least this GUY I

  • qveli dretti

    J cole, i feel like homie has something to give the game. and the game needs him

  • supadupacoop

    Ab-Soul & JMSN project for sure but Indicud will be great also

  • supadupacoop

    cant forget about push but thats obvious

  • Anticipater

    Danny Brown album followed by the kendrick cole collab

  • Tyler Major – Fuschia. Don’t sleep. nobodyreallyknows.com

  • joe

    Indicud will be the album of the year
    other solid albums will be:
    Curren$y (he’ll for sure drop some shit)
    Big Sean
    Cruel Winter

  • Danjamouf

    It’s amazing to me how people STILL mention detox, do people not understand this myth has been mooted since 2004?? Nearly 10 years ago! It’s not happening, accept it. The other myth that is Jay Electronica has NO album to his name yet he’s gonna release the album of the year all of a sudden? He doesn’t even have a hot single out, why does his name even come up in discussion when he releases no product, not even a mixtape!

  • Stan Keniff

    Indicud will be album of the year? Have you heard it? How can such a statement be made when it hasn’t even been recorded yet? Lol! rap Stans do make me laugh

  • Fre

    Really don’t understand why no one talks about Joe Budden.. All of his mixtapes are better than most people’s albums.

  • Suede

    @RealTalk How Hasnt He? Imma Assume Your Talking About The Last Album Release, And If Im Right, Then That Only Means Your Looking At It In A Linear Position, Because Most, If NOT ALL Rapper Dont Release Albums Every Year OR TWO ANYMORE! They Result To Mixtapes, Features and Touring To Eat, THEN THEY DECIDE To Feed The Label With The Album…Referencing @Marty If You Havent Been Listening To What Hes Been Putting Out, You Cant Say Its Irrelevant . SoNY,And Songs Such As Transformation Is A CLEAR Example To Why He Is Relivent @MusicHead. Not Here To Convince You All, Or Go Back And Forth. Just Here To State An Opinion, And Give Reason Why For It. Fab’s A Nice MC Who Deserves More Recognition, And Album Should Deliver Content Worth Listening To From The Amount Of Work He Has Put In Since Loso’s Way…

  • GhostOfTupac

    J. Cole will make people remember

  • david

    @Marty all are nice mainstream artists no doubt but what I was tryna say is the majority of hip-hop talent is underground, that doesn’t mean there’s no talent at all amongst mainstream hip-hop artists, Jay lyrics are easy to write, like I said the album was built off expectations and rep, I don’t have a hip-hop rep so if I was to drop an album it wouldn’t get the attention Jay gets, even if it was the best album ever-written with each line giving the listener multiple orgasms I don’t have any means of promotion so it won’t get heard

  • david

    My opinion on who’ll drop the best project: If Meth finally drops Crystal Meth (it’s been in the works for years and rumoured to be mostly produced by RZA) I’m sure that’ll shit on everything, or Blackout 3, I heard that’s coming out this year, Masta Ace and Ra still got the potential to put out the best album of the year, looking forward to anything Add-2 puts out, lyrically I don’t know anyone on his level right now, Blu and Exile is a formula that always works but they put something out last year so probably won’t put something out this year, Madlib always does his thing on his albums, DOOM-Starks will be nice if that drops

  • david

    Oh and Czarface

  • marty mcfly

    @david, yeah I know what your saying and I can agree with you saying there is more talent underground. Thats kinda gonna always be the case and if you not really into Jays lyrics thats cool but there is indeed something there in regards to his lyrics. Its not just on Church For The Wild, you got New Day, Welcome To The Jungle, Murder To Excellence, Primetime and Why I Love You, where Jay is on point lyrically. The other 45% of WTT he split with Kanye West and Thats where you get some of the other material. So when im talking about Jay, I really dont need to use his rep or star power to make an argument. I could indeed just use lyrics and its gonna be difficult to show me that somebody else is coming with better shit. There were of course better albums then WTT in 2011, of course but still… bars are bars and any solo album of Jayz can hang in that regard.

  • marty mcfly

    @david, My opinion with the best project shit? JAY ELECTRONICA (if released) and in my personal opinion just speaking for myself? Ev & ALC – Step Brothers.

  • I think if Jay comes back with another album then it’s good for the culture. I’m definitely looking foward to J.Cole’s album as well as Em’s and 50’s. If Jay Electronica can make a comeback this year then it’s a wrap for the game.

  • im hella excited for the underachiever’s mixtape indigoism. yall gottta check dem ouuutt

  • tylerg

    1. eminem 2. jay-z 3. kanye

    don’t kid yourselves

  • gregory kruxx.

    Wu Tang is Forever. 20 years. That would be nice. But I can dream right..lol..

  • crack

    Off bucks i was goin say cole but damn i aint no all these niggas was dropping projects, shit idk

  • NoLimit4Ever

    Silkk The Shocker!!

  • Maker’s


  • NesTa

    I Hope We Get Good Shit From All These Fuckers, Wouldn’t That Be Nice?

    Ab-Soul & JMSN
    Asher Roth
    Ces Cru
    Kanye West
    KiD CuDi
    Lupe Fiasco
    Pac Div
    ScHoolboy Q

  • Marvin

    Am definitely waiting on that cole album…Born sinner, with that preview during the footaction event you know its going to be fire

  • Beast

    Wow…..cant read anymore of these BS comments…….Hip Hop is obviously DECEASED like a muthafucker…….. We have some good RAPPERS among us but if you aint hip hop, then fuck what you rap about……..

  • JAMLA will come out with the hottest music this year. hands down. rapsody, gq, 9th. nuff said.

  • carAnthony


  • Cal

    I see Katy Perry’s getting no love here??

  • Denis

    Another Big Boi album

  • Soulful Hip-Hop

    I’m looking forward to new projects from:

    -Ab-Soul & JMSN
    -Talib Kweli
    -Immortal Technique
    -Deltron 3030 #2
    -Lupe Fiasco
    -ScHoolboy Q
    -Clear Soul Forces
    -Step Brothers (Ev & Alc)
    -Jedi Mind Tricks/Vinnie Paz?
    -Ill Bill
    -Prince Ea
    -Joey Badass
    -Jay Electronica?
    -Lost Children of Babylon

    Should be a awesome year.

  • vincente

    all should be hit after hit just based on what kind of listener you are if you like hip hop or you like commercial music. i heard two guys from detroit retro famous and mic todd singles they being slept on right now

  • Hugh Dough

    Bitches be scramblin’

  • silo

    J Cole


    Joey BadA$$

    Jay Electronica


    and Lil’ B’s rock album

    Everything else is fuck all

  • silo

    oh yeah Danny Brown too

  • lolololololol

    detox 2013 wooooooo

  • Riley

    R.A The Rugged Ma

  • ab soul, schoolboy q, fabolous and pusha t are gonna have the dopest and mac miller and pharells pink slime if that shit ever drops.

  • Parobczakchodnikowy

    Ghostface Killah, Method Man (The Crystal Meth), Redman (Muddy Waters 2), Wu-Tang Clan, R.A. The Rugged Man… these will be fuckin amazin

  • Parobczakchodnikowy

    and of course Method Man & Redman – Blackout 3!

  • egyle

    Roc Marci & Ka – Metal Clergy
    7L & Esoteric & Inspectah Deck – Czarface
    Danny Brown – ODB
    Anything Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren & AG The Coroner