Ab-Soul On Double Standards, Nas, Black Hippy, Pineal Gland (Video)

In part three of his sit down with HardKnockTV, Ab-Soul speaks on the inspiration behind "Double Standards," sneaking backstage to meet Nas, breaks down "Pineal Gland," his project with JMSN, Black Hippy and more.

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  • jp

    Doubt you'll ever see this, but I'm a big fan, if you're interested in your dreams check it out below!

    I think it's likely that you can't remember your dreams because you're smoking weed consistently. I have the same issue, try going to sleep completely sober and see if your recollection of your dreams improves.

  • http://www.iRize.ca I Rize (Breakin Silence Radio)

    I smoke alot of bud and still recall dreams. Keep a journal, and hold an intention. That's all you need. And pay attention to life (duh)

  • you

    I don't smoke any weed or anything. Drink only occasionally. I can't remember my dreams either.

    Drugs has nothing to do with it people. Some people are just like that


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