Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 3 (Mixtape Artwork)

blame it on Illy January 5, 2013

Meek unveils the cover to the third installment of his Dreamchasers mixtape series.

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  • Jamel

    these guys are really over saturating the market

  • cmon son

    ric flair nigga!

  • Real Talk


    • breeee

      You wack.. Aint nun wack bout mmg , they real af so dont try to play em.

  • Shotgun Charlie

    @ Jamel

    I feel the same way, they release too much damn music. Let fans miss yall a lil but, you dont have to put out something every 3 months LOL!

  • Dank amour

    Looks like rick Ross fuckin him in the ass in that there picture. Sometimes art imitates real life

  • dev

    damn he can’t even let that wack-ass album marinate for a few months.

  • j

    nigga let ya album live a lil… i guess they realize his debut gon stay at 250k

    • breee

      Um first of all, the album wasn’t wack.. Was the best shit of 2012 , so dont try to play that nigga.

  • Genesis

    Well, when you make the kind of music these guys make, you have to keep a constant presence…. Forgettable music needs continuous follow up…..

  • Pablo

    Shit yo niggers have a lot to say listen and stop dissing.

  • Kdawg

    MMG milking their 15 mins of fame, every label group (murder inc/ymcmb/g-unit/etc) has/had a shelf life


    Anyways I Do graphics so check me out at

    • bree

      How tf they garbage ?? They the best music game ina fuckin game right na..

  • Flip

    No such thing as 2 much free music retards, i fucking hate bloggers sometimes…spitta been doing this for years and everyone on his dick…that nigga iight as best and only reason he got hot cuz of wiz, face it you guys are not built on this gangsta music but just dick riding….shots fired

  • Zozo

    why is this even posted? who cares, he’s garbage

  • chuck

    more like keystrokes fired, flip cmon.

    the internet gangster thing stopped being cool around a decade ago.

    on topic, meek mill needs to stay relevant beacuse his music is so forgetful.

    apprecaite the grind but how about some quality tracks isntead?

    • bree

      His music not forgetful.. He got the realest shit out right na. & thats fa them real niggas who could fw him


    Meeks gotta keep the game saturated because his material is sub-par…This right here is proof that he’s a one trick pony and doesn’t strive to make iconic hip hop. He’s only in it for the hussle…

    I wont continue to spend $ on artists who aren’t about elevating their craft before they elevate their bank account and social status.

  • 4realtho

    I gotta agree.. his music is disposable.. no classic joints, so he’s gotta keep putting out “hot” tracks to keep his name buzzing.

  • 2dope4nope

    And there he goes with that jacket again guess he didn’t take Jags advice hahaha

  • KendrickLamardickrider

    You guys can hate on Meek all you want but truth is this tape will have over a million downloads again. This shit is going to be insane.

  • karl

    I bet Rick Ross on this tape tho…..LOL. tbh I’m starting to get tired of the same ol meek mill and Ross songs…they all sound the same to me. I like all his other features and stuff and dreamchasers 2 was one of the best mixtapes of last year but they need to switch it up a bit.

  • thattruth

    they removed ricky from the cover. I guess MMG reads 2dopeboyz.

  • Lance Geneva

    Damn, the MMG machine doesn’t know the meaning of rest.. Dreamchasers 1 & 2 were fire, the album sucked balls.. But I am SO ready for this shit..

  • frylock

    i don’t know why you niggas are complaining your still gonna download the shit of datpiff and complain about it. word of advice don’t download the shit at all.

  • gt

    i forgot that dreams and night mares came out i guess he droppin this because he got alot of diss track he needs to dispose of before the beef ends

    ima listen but cass still on top

  • Cage

    Well, when you make the kind of music these guys make, you have to keep a constant presence…. Forgettable music needs continuous follow up…..
    Genesis said this on January 5th, 2013 at 9:51 am

    ^^^ Best comment in the section.

  • Mr. Truth

    damn you niggas are some fucking haters. once a rapper starts getting some popularity and money you hate on him like he just butt fucked your mom in a garfield mask. stop hating on people who are way more successful than you. jealousy is an awful thing. be happy for a real nigga from the streets beating all the odds, and making millions of dollars.

    • bree

      Finally a good comment !! Thankya. At least you see that all these people hating on a real ass nigga.

  • chris

    I agree with Mr Truth. You dont have to like the musoc but you should at least respect a young artist being successful at what he does. Im not a meek mill fan personally btw but some of the comnents on here are just unnecessary

  • chris


  • chuck

    I respect alot of people, it doenst mean i like them or their products.

    this isnt fairyland, get the fuck out of here. dont like opinions? get off the internet.

  • Danjamouf

    Why anybody would want to hear a monkey looking dick chaser like Meek Mill scream at them for 45 mins about how he has more money than them is beyond me lol. This cat got NO substance and every track is microwave hip hop in its truest form ….. and what in the blue fuck is a Meek Mill anyway?

    • bree

      The screaming dont matter, its what he saying thats real.. Dont try to play that nigga

  • Ya mama

    Dick chasers 3 is what the album should’ve been called,

  • Fuck Mill

    Even the ‘i’ in his name looks like a dick lol. Dude is tryin to tell his fans something

  • Muthasexer

    Awwww look, he changed the cover! I prefer the one he had with Rawss fuckin him in the ass and DJ Drama watching. It was like a scene out of Pulp Fiction. Im really struggling to see this guys appeal, he’ll be back to selling drugs to his mama again by summer 2013 …don’t believe me just watch