Nelly – Hey Porsche

blame it on Miss_Peas January 5, 2013

The St. Louis Lunatic debuts his new single, a pop-rock record titled “Hey Porsche”.

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  • DustinSmith

    That was painful to listen to.


  • Gary Conway

    I fucks with it, cool concept, nice beat, and Nellys bomb ass flow. You dudes are just haters.

  • DustinSmith

    Maybe you’re just a Nelly dick rider that doesnt realize he hasnt made a decent song since Nellyville.

  • Gary Conway

    Fuck you man, Sweat, Suit, Brass Knuckles were my shit. You’re probably one of those guys that doesnt think its worth a shit if it isn’t the new Ron Browz record. Yeah Browz is dope but hes not on Nellys level.

  • DustinSmith

    Okay, I don’t know what brought this discussion to Ron Browz but since you want to go there here it is. Ron Browz is one of the most underrated lyricists of our time. Everything he puts out is poppin in the streets. Its little mainstream faggots like you that think because Browz hasnt made a RADIO single in a few years that hes not as dope as Nelly. Listen bro, Ron Browz would shit on Nelly in a battle no question about it. I think the C Section can agree with me there.

  • Gary Conway

    I said myself that Browz was dope. Look above. But the thing is its not a question of if Browz is dope or not. Nelly would smoke Browz all damn day if they were to get to beefing. I really wish the two would link up though. They could make hit after hit together. No one and I repeat no one is sicker than Browz as far as production goes. As a lyricist he is dope, but not as dope as Nelly, Nelly just has that southern drawl and flow that is popping right now.

  • DustinSmith

    Can I get an Eitherrrr Boooyyyyy!!!!???

  • Bwalk it Out

    You niggas know that the only reason Ron Browz is popping is Jim Jones. That nigga put the world on to Browz.

  • Bwalk it Out

    Nelly straight garbage.

    Song is mad wack!!!!

  • Tha Phantom

    This is gonna become a hit, I bet you.

  • kiko

    this shits pretty wack. like theres not even a hint of hiphop. maybe the drums a bit. but nah shits wack.

  • James

    I love how those two are arguing on some bullshit. But, @Gary is right. Nelly still has it, and Browz, let’s just leave it buried behind his career.

  • PhrayzerMusic

    just because its not hip-hop doesnt mean its not good.. fun song

  • imo

    Yeah, this isn’t something I’m going to be listening to, but it is definitely going to get a lot of mainstream traction

  • Yatti

    I guess Nelly and Ron Browz are paying you two fuckboys to argue who is better. How can I get paid too? You people are so fucking dumb, always arguing about who sucks and who’s hot. Not everyone is the same. Go get a fucking life with this online arguing shit. If you’re not in their entourage just stfu both of yall dickriders. If you’re mad at my comment then I am correct.

  • e i e i uh oh

    what the f happened to his accent?! fake ass nigga

  • Jamel

    half the children on here listen to tyga small sean wiz and them clowns but hate on this guy smh

  • randomguy

    Of course the majority of visitors to this site would bash this. It’s like you guys only listen to Rap/Hip-Hop alone!? Anyway, cool song.

  • lolzzzz

    ^ wayne goes rock, niggas go ape shit crazy. bob plans to go rock, niggas again go ape shit crazy. nelly does it and gets a pass?! LOLLLL you all are ignorant for that.

  • wack

    Ron Brownz is wack!!

  • Wait all yall really serious about ron browz being dope or is this some kinda inside joke idk about….?

  • ZZX

    Shit is dope

  • fart

    Did somebody just say Ron Browz is good? -______-

  • I ain’t one to judge but anyone that said this shit was aight likes mango smoothies; a.k.a, likes to jerk off dicks with they mouths.

    I mean, if you roll like that it’s cool but keep yo affinity for penis somewhere out of my line of vision.

    But forreal though: how the fuck can anyone like this garbage and isn’t a white girl with an Audi and “honor roll student” sticker in they back window. Riddle me that.

  • lolzzzz

    ^ precisely. bunch of cock humpers.

  • Powblenmg

    song good tho. It aint a HiPHOP song, so don’t judge it as a hiphop song. This is a top40 song.

  • TestFromPG

    Nelly switched his sound up like crazy….the song slaps tho

  • flo rida wannabe

    this shit some wannabe whack flo-rida trash. dare you to tell me otherwise.

  • jake torres

    Damn this track is some bullshit! What happened to the guy that did EI EI!!!! This dude fell off the grand canyon.

  • sc

    WTF how you gonna from Country Grammar to Hey Porsche…this some bullshit

  • I fuck with it.