• lolz

    is that a roll of toiler paper by his name? that would make sense cuz he's full of shit.

  • GODr

    this is terrible.

  • Varras

    This dude NORE lost his NY roots/sound long ago, one must laugh at his attempt of "remaining relevant" in the rotation of commercial radio. I'll just listen to CNN's "War Report" if i want to hear that real Queens, NY shit.

  • bigErn

    "You heard that, Ain't no way to swerve that" PUSH!!

  • james

    This old man trying to be hip by surrounding himself with that basic shit. Doesn't he know this new superficial game ain't got room for another has-been? lmao

  • T9FTW

    LOL at the artwork. I came here for -PUSH!-.

  • http://aol.com Z Dub

    Wow that was horrific... Im gonna thumbs up for the 2nd track though, love the large pro beat

  • INS

    "Built Pyramids" > "Tadow".

  • lu

    who is that girl in the tadow video with the red on with tattoo on her leg?