• kareem

    that nigga looks so sad on that cover. like it's his personal obituary or something.

  • http://triangularmindrape.tumblr.com/ Fuckyoupayme

    Hope he mentions his career in this song. Time to send that old dog to greener pastures, b.

    but goddamn Papoose look like a slimy-ass gecko in that pic. Nigga look like Rango.

    • http://shy Pyrex Shy


  • http://www.twitter.com/TVizzy Tvizzy

    dope shit... been listening to these since '09... RIP to all those passed.

  • T9FTW

    No offense to anyone Wahed-Up Rapper #648 talks about in this song but where is Jae Millz with "Finish the Year Right Pt. 4"?

  • Gutta gutta

    Nacirema Dream in stores in March? Lmao that shit suppose to have dropped 7 years ago. Good luck with that

  • Kanye East

    RIP PAP's career. Oh wait, that didn't even start.