Rick Ross’ Next Album Will Be Called…

blame it on Shake January 5, 2013

We don’t know yet, but Ross took to Twitter to share that he’ll reveal the title on January 7th. Until then, let’s have some fun in the c-section. Any guesses?

  • Donnie

    The Last of a Dying Breed

  • Some Guy

    Teflon Bra

  • Snappy

    A Gay Night In With The Fart Squad

  • THT

    Gangstas Move in Silence

  • BringMoreHoes

    No Bras Shall Prosper…Ever

  • andrew

    the untouchable

  • Larry the Cable Man

    God Forgives, My Stomach Doesn’t (The Pepto Bismol Chronicles)

  • jerry

    MMG: More Men Grunting (The Empire)

  • spuddy c

    Beard Fart Politics Vol. 1

  • rick bawse

    Rick Ross – Industrial Size Stomach Pumps, Vol. 1

  • muk

    detox (from cakes)

  • raww

    i read the comments and jokes/insults on this site and always wonder what the age demographic is. my best guess is 17-21.

  • Forever Fat

  • Mr Visserplein

    Fat Kid F.A.R.T. City

  • greg

    2db should refrain from making the csection contribute jokes. all you get is the most predictable gay and fat jokes. lame af

  • Snappy

    Coke-Induced Fart Tales Vol. 1

  • poop master.

    Deeper Than Fat

  • BOI

    Getting Raped in Prison: Now Imma G

  • ccc

    Teflon Bra gets my vote

  • Snappy

    Only Built 4 Cuban Farts

  • Chavo

    Wtf lol

  • Vmoneybaggz

    “Buffet Music”

  • Never Going Platinum

  • spuddy c

    Get Rich Or Die Farting

  • jerry

    Hold My Fat Back

  • spuddy c

    Ready To Fart

  • spuddy c

    Reasonable Fart

  • broseph

    Triple Whopper Dreams.

  • greg focker

    Not one funny person on this site

  • j

    The Chronic Cakes

  • Mr Visserplein

    Fart? Thee Album

  • Mr Visserplein

    Between A Fart And A Gay Place

  • jerry

    Tears of Boys

  • spuddy c

    Beats, Rhymes % Farts

  • Shotgun Charlie

    McRibs Music

  • Andrew

    Ten Reese’s Pieces.

  • yo sup

    Brownies Make Me Cum

  • Mr Visserplein

    Liquid Farts

  • Mr Visserplein

    Come Fart With Me

  • Mr Visserplein

    Farting Atoms

  • super z

    Wing Stop: the original soundtrack

  • Eazy

    Real Ignorant Biter Style

    first song called “Special Sauce”

  • KG605

    The Feast of Champions: Power On My Plate.

  • lewiscoltbine

    3 Feet High And Farting

    Farting Til Infinity

    Fart On Both Sides

    Hard To Fart


    Paid In Farts

    Dah Fartin’

    Mama Said Fart You Out

  • mez

    “Weight Watchers Can’t Hold Me Back”

  • lewiscoltbine

    Do You Want Farts???!!!!?!!!

    Mecca And The Fart Brother

    The Fart Immaculate

  • mez

    Teflon Bra gets my vote too. and Shake definitely knew what he was doing.

  • nickd


  • farts r us


  • hmm yeaa


  • hmm yeaa


  • thatrealshit


  • jkjkjkjk


  • kardashianhairyasshole

    Teflon Don’t.

  • buhhh

    Blunts N Butt cracks

  • GiZA

    Enter the Restaurant (36 Meals)

  • GiZA

    8 Diaphragms

  • GiZA

    Man vs. McDonalds

  • Charlie

    I dont know about the title of the album… FIRST SINGLE : DEEZ NIGGAS ATE ALL MY SNACKS. FT Fat Joe .

  • GiZA

    Get Fat and Die Tryin

  • John

    This Bra Can’t Hold My Back Fat

  • Sgp all day

    Mysterious Phat – the meals of SpaceFatRicly

  • mez

    Teflon Skillets
    Eggs in the Pyrex
    McDonalds n Maybachs
    Sorry these arent that great

  • GiZA

    No One Can Eat It Better

  • GiZA

    It Takes a Nation of DEEZ NIGGAS to Hold Me Back

  • GiZA

    Lethal Liposuction Injection

  • GiZA

    2BurgerLips Now

  • GiZA

    Careless Diet: Chewing on the Last Chicken Wing

  • Big-O

    Good Kid, f.A.t. City

    Channel MAYBACH

    Based On A F.A.T. Story

    Food & Maybachs

    Vicious Hamburgers & Dangerous Strokes

    I think *UGH*: The Album gets my vote though. I mean, why not name the album for what the nigga is known for? *UGH*

  • CTG

    cruel stomach

  • GiZA

    My Ugly Fat Twisted Titties

  • GiZA

    808s and Heart Attacks

  • qbn

    Officer Ricky

  • GiZA

    God Forgives, I Eat

  • j

    Ready To Lie
    Long Live Until You Have A Seizure And Die
    The Hunger For Much More
    2001 lbs
    Life Is Food

  • Another Rappers Upcoming Album Title…Watch Him Steal A Title Name Like He Did 50(Teflon Don) & Cory Gunz(God Forgives, I Don’t)…

  • hiphopfan

    why ya’ll act like Rick Ross is the 1st fat rapper??
    Biggie, Pun, The Fat Boys, Bonecrusher, 8Ball, Fat Joe, Big Moe, Bizarre, E-40, Gorrila Black, Scarface, Casual, Raekwon, Chubb Rock, Biz Markie, Heavy D, Vinnie Paz, Bubba Sparxxx, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Tone Loc, P.M. Dawn, Erick Sermon, Mack 10, Haystak, Ice Cube, among others. Why ya’ll act like Ross is the first fat rapper & like it’s necessary to say random fat jokes, i don’t hear jokes bout ScHoolboy Q now that he’s fat or Smoke DZA & i’m not even a Ross fan i just see all the fat jokes as mad random.

  • GiZA

    Strictly 4 My Fat N.I.G.G.A.Z.

  • lookatmenow

    Reveal a new diet plan Rick

  • pick x

    Overly Constipated ?

  • GiZA


    • Gutta gutta

      Snitches and Twinkies

  • pick x

    Through the Shirt: The Nipple Chronicles

  • randy

    then yall wonder why “reap hip hop” gets no play. cause youd rather talk about ross weight than support people you actually like. no wonder the traffic on this site is underperforming

  • Mature Gambino


    wtf does “real hip hop” have to do with anything on this post? haha you sound stupid

  • pick x

    part of real hip hop is the humor cant tell me the the best hip hop songs ever are dull and with no emotion fuck boy I hate all these serious hip hop fucks ..its a joke ..take it easy like that Dick up you’re ass :)

  • GiZA


  • BringMoreHoes

    ^^ Fuck you mean…the nigga walks around with his shirt off like he’s auditioning for the new 007 flick…it’s obscene…his fat ass deserves to get clowned

  • 2 Pac

    lol Yall know He wont put Fat or Fart in His Title

  • BringMoreHoes

    Debunk In My Trunk
    On The Road To Wingdition
    Embrace Your True Self: How I Lied To A Million
    Chicken & Leers
    Search and Seizures

  • Boobies in my Damn Chain

  • BringMoreHoes

    “Debunk In My Trunk: Search, Seizures, Chicken, No Caesar (Salad)”

  • randy

    @pick x

    There have been alot of good hip hop songs posted today, yet they only have about 1 comment each, while the guy yall claim isnt real hip hop has 100 and counting. gtfoh

    The faggots on this site hate ross, yet they invest more time in hating him than they do with supporting their favorite artist.

  • Cena

    @randy and then next week they will all have the nerve to complain that there isnt enough real hip hop when meka posts a nicki minaj headline. Hypocrites. non supporting, non album buying. worst fans a rapper could ask for = back packer faggots. thats why they all flop.

  • Christopher Bridges

    Chicken-n-Beer… oh wait…

  • 2Funny

    @GiZA PLEASE STOP!… Muhfucka got get me in tears n shit…

    ‘My Ugly Fat Twisted Titties’

    ‘808 & Heart Attacks’ *ROFL*


  • Amygdala

    It Was Eaten

  • 2Funny

    Ready To Lie gets my vote…

    2001 lbs tho… LMFAO

  • Amygdala

    Lifestlez Ov Da Fat & Duplicitous

  • Amygdala

    The Chronic [Chest Pain]

  • Amygdala

    The F.A.T. Album

  • BringMoreHoes

    @randy @ cena

    That’s bullshit, and you’re comparing apples and oranges. Independent albums and artists who have mainstream success are a rarity in this day and age…it’s all about finding a niche and making a living to feed your family for these artists, not balling out.

    Speaking for myself I purchased several albums last year, and I know other people who frequent this site who support as well, so don’t be so quick to generalize. Kendrick gave me a bunch of free music prior to Section.80, copped it. Same with Soul, Mind control, copped it. Was hyped for the Evidence record, copped it. Homeboy Sandman debut, copped it. K.R.I.T., Lupe, and even Sonnymoon, all copped.

    These artist of substance want to be buoyed (financially) until their next project, and not compared to the Ross’s of the world who want to over-saturate the industry with trash, make $100 million and bounce.

  • iamnmai

    Ready to bet it’s going to be simply: Self Made.

  • spencer


  • Code

    haha!! ^^^^ God Didn’t Forgive I Still Haven’t Gone Plat.


    “CO to a Kilo”

  • Bitches be Trippin

    Ready to Fry: The Fatass Chronicles

  • 2dope4nope

    Haaaaaaa wow y’all killin the Saturday post haha ppl needa chill stans that be “808s and Heart Attacks” I’m dead “Southernfriedchickenwingmaybachmuzik” ah shiiiit “O.N.H.S.I.F.C. – ONLY NIGGA HAVING SEIZURES IN FIRST CLASS” but this tho “Chicken-n-Beer… oh wait…” haha

  • Tyler Durden

    Howfatimi or Telltoomanyli

    Chickenboxxx/The Stench Below

    [Forget Idlewild… Just] Idle

    Mac n Cheese… *hold up*

    At The Speed Of Service

    40 lies and 40 Personalities


    Weapons Of Lipo Suction

    Visceral Nurishment

    Straight Outta McDonalds’

    Efil4sregrub or Efil4seil

    Ate In Full

    The [Not So] Slim Shady LP

    McNugget’s Drop(ped) Out [My Bag]

    It Stinks And My Tits Are Hot

    …And Then There Was Pudding

    The Great Indigestion

    Step In The Diner

    The Wrath Of Salad

    When Diabetes Strikes…

    Back On My D.P. (Diet Plan)

    The Lost Grapes

    Lies Forever

    Take (Some) Napkins

    Mash Potato Posse

    Mr. [Col.] Sanders

    Lies on All Sides

    Dah Lyin’

    Enta Da Caj[-un]

    Lies Willin’

    Til An Artery Pops

    The Impostrous

    [They Got It] Infamy

    Eat Now, Fry Later

    All Liez From Me

    The B.B.Q. Grilluminati: The 7 Course Theory

  • 2dope4nope

    Gangster Disciples <<< I'll say is the title b/c I'm sure the nigga wants his pass and no meek "repo" from the Chi

  • brody






  • Slaughterhouse

    Two Tits & Chicken Wings.







  • Infamous

    Still Not Platinum

  • Gen

    GD Nightmares

  • swagonmydick

    God Eats Salads, I don’t

  • chef

    my ambitions as a diabetic

  • Coka

    Moving Weight: How the FBI Helped Me Lose Weight, So the GD’s Couldn’t Find Me: The Movie

  • LexiCon

    this c-section is awesome!

  • Powblenmg

    Wings Stopped My Career.

    Nigga actin like we waiting for his album. Anouncing this a day before announcing the title.FOH. U ain’t no gangster nigga, you just another lost nigga.

  • T9FTW

    Watch the Cholesterol

    @randy, I rep Tech N9ne cause he’s my favorite [my name means T(ech)N(9ne)F(or)T(he)W(in)] but I still participated in this c-section. You’re acting like Ross is a good rapper or something…

  • Rocket

    10 keys of Butter

    • Banco

      Im crying at this one

  • DJ Mista Xclusive

    he said something about this on his instagram a few months ago… He said something about it being called “The Chronic”

  • DBS

    Blurry Tits and Diabeetus.

  • lol

    Teflon Con
    Deeper Than Snacks
    Food Court of Miami

  • Pragmatic

    Officer Ricky: Tales of a fake gangster

  • koke

    Fat fuck : Volume 2

  • Rosay


    Same beat same stories

    Jan 7th

  • 91&^uP



    HAAAAAA *Winner*

  • GiZA

    Ambitionz Az a Liar

  • GiZA

    Jackin’ for Names

  • Goof

    Deeper Fried Than Rap

  • Immaculate. Not a fan of dude but I’m guessing he’s got that type of ish in mind.

  • Damn

    All you lame whiteboys and niggas postin what u think is funny is lame AF. Go do your mum a favour and suck your dads dick.


    nobody cares…

  • Amygdala

    Fillet-O-Fish Scale