• Wyatt

    That was awesome. Really too bad about STEEZ.

  • Chris


  • AndOneill

    dam still can't believe he is gone!! RIP steez

  • David Stern

    Anyone notice how "Racks" the last dude was said "dealin with that stress will make a pussy nigga slot his wrist"

  • gt

    why reciet verses sanchez why, it tampered with the good video
    its still dope though

  • Master Lee

    What was the second beat called? I forgot what that beat was.

  • meetGreetSuckMahMeat

    phone tap - the firm

  • NaS

    ^It's Affirmative Action - Nas (It Was Written)

  • Davey

    something sounds wrong with the NYSOM beat, sounds like some guy did a remake

  • http://www.drphil.com Dr. Phil

    Yeah, good on his "friends" for not doing anything. Just going onto his facebook page it's pretty obvious this guy had some mental illness and everyone just ignored it. nice

  • http://weuponit.com power

    real freestyles >>>> cats reciting verses and calling them freestyles all day everyday RIP Steez