Cassidy – R.A.I.D. (Meek Mill Diss)

blame it on Meka January 6, 2013

Also known as “Robert Ass Is Dead.” Barry drops a 10-minute song clowning his favorite Philly rapper in response to Meek’s “Repo.” Props to Splash for the CDQ.

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  • BK

    Cass has ended Meek Mill’s career

    • Shakeil

      Get the fuck outta here ppl keep sayin cass is so lyrical????? What did he just say in that song that we havent heard over and over again…you look like the monkey.from planet of the apes??????? My lil brother wuld say some shit like dat this shit is trash and cass faiked to point out facts ……meek is actually liked in his city …cass caint go back to his city yall foollin . This shit trash

    • Erd

      Cass is ass meek is better

  • Rezo

    This will be wack or boring to the new faggot hip hop listeners because he actually rapped over hip hop beats. 18 and under will probably yawn 4 minutes into it while wearing their skinny jeans and snap back.

  • shhhhhh

    and goodbye meek
    that nigga murdered him good lord

  • durptron5000

    this is more like it haha.

  • dope

    hahaha damn!!

    • Hunnit block

      Lol told niggaas I shud be a guru

  • Daaaaaaaam

    Thats it, game over. Cass went IN!!! Damn.

  • friscokid

    dont even respond meek u got bodied your new school wack ass flow cant even come close to bars like this and i aint even a big cass fan

    • Erd

      This nigga ass

  • retrorell23

    killed meek let wale recite a poem at your funeral lmao

  • gameover

    hahahah meek we know IF you respond all ypu gonna talk about is you have more money. YA BUM. GAME OVER. cass murdered ya

    • Erd

      This nigga hides under beds when his boys getting shot up

  • marty mcfly

    Honestly RAID >>> Repo. Now thats a diss song right there.

  • frylock

    sorry but cass killed this nigga meek, if you think otherwise then all i can say is your flat out retarded. meek shouldnt even respond tbh. if hes smart he wont respond

  • Rezo

    Meek responds by saying Cass finally got on the radio again. lol

    Meek talks about the same shit in every fucking song, he’s just like Ross, every song is a carbon copy. Money, cars, hoes, and recycle it.

  • swish15

    you aint a big willie just because you know how to wheelie bikes.

  • themanwhoknowsmanythings

    Killed em… shit sounds like 300 bars all over again lol

  • James

    cassidy absolutely destroyed him. this diss will go down in history I promise you. COMPLETE BURIAL

  • Jumpman23

    I haven’t seen one minority or adult say this shit is whack. I have seen plenty of white folks and teens saying Meek goes “way harder” though. Those folks opinion on beef is automatically disqualified, stick to your bubble gum rap.

  • meek millz

    godamnnnnnnnnn cass killed him made it feel like 03 again

  • swish15

    @ jumpman23 im white, and think cass destroyed meek. good day

  • Jumpman23

    No lie this made me feel like I had my braids still and wearing my Iverson jersey in 02 type of shit. Hop hop needs a lot more of this. Fuck the Twitter tough talk and videos. Get in the booth and spit BAAAAARRRRRSSSS!!

  • TKO

    Never understood the hype surrounding Meek Mill. He never ever came with no napalm. I think the only decent rapper out of MMG is Stalley. Everyone else is garbage. Oh man Cassidy buried Meek 10x over with RAID. LOL

  • I’ve BEEN saying that Peedi Crakk got robbed.

  • Hulk Hogan

    all these fukin honkeys and black bitches with weave on twitter saying meek won…. WON FUCKING WHAT, this nigga cass got bars for days. my nigga jumpman23 already knows what it is finna lace up my tims and throw on my 2001 kobe alternate home jersey and fuck my bitch to hotel

  • K.

    @Jumpman23 im white too, fuck you and your opinions. Anyways Cassidy just murdered Meek.

  • jockmysteez


    the meek shall inherit the earth and that’s exactly what Rahmeek gon inherit when he buried in dirt LAWDDDDDDDD

    That tupac line man this nigga killed him R.I.P

  • Positive Vibe

    Cassidy went in on this nigga, Meek can’t come back from this

  • Dre

    Killed Meek. Its unfortunate though, because the young ones are giving it to meek because he’s hot. Like Rezo said up top, mid 90’s babies aren’t gonna like the vibe. They’d much rather “Turn Up”….

  • DQ

    I cant listen to this with all these fucking TAGS! 2dopeboyz PLEASE post an updated taggless version!

  • lame.

    lame ass fake ass beef. i wont even entertain neither of these dudes bullshit.

    • CABNumber

      This ain’t beef bruh this straight up battle rhymes, cass killed that fool. 93 baby.

  • RIP Meek Mill

  • 2dope4nope


  • Killaaa

    this is dope. name of the very last beat?

    • nosamyrag

      “4 Da Fam” – Amil, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel.

  • Old school

    How could anyone with a half functioning brain think repo>raid? He completely destroyed meek with facts! All meek said or yelled was he has money nothing else! Meek mill prolly won’t respond

  • jjc

    “riding in ya ghost, rollie on ya wrist”

    hahaha this shit had me dying

  • CR

    Relax everybody knows this dude Cass is a battle rapper. He went in, BEAST MODE. Lets wait for Meek tho. At the end of the day you can hate on Meek all you want but he’s got the hits. and the money. He got bodied on this shit doe

  • lol

    Cass dooooooooooooooooookied on that nigga

  • 1hunnit

    Its too bad that Cassidy can’t make actual consistent hits because he’s REALLY good at battle rappin’. That boy Meek definitely got bodied. Sheesh

  • iamlegend24

    I’ve been sayin this nigga meek took peedi crack who style for the pass year in a half straight jacker

  • DatbolL

    Murder. Pure Murder…Cass is no joke

  • thatrealshit


  • Jedi Lee

    I don’t even know what to say about THIS shit here. Meek better come correct with a response, or just leave that boy Cass alone. Shit was cold

  • miro

    ewwww cassidy body slammed meek…called out ross also for the fun of it

  • Nitro

    Cas murdered dat jawn…”Where is the funeral?”

  • damn homie

    This would be a crazy blow to Meek’s career, if anyone cared about Cassidy’s career outside of this music beef going on with Meek… But nobody does. Lol

  • DoubleClutch95

    Meek…the ball is in your court now!!!

  • JonBlazeSr

    It sounds like he flowed this acapella and they just added the beats behind it. His flows trash and boring as shit the whole time he doesn’t switch up once in 10 min. I grew up listening to Cass, he’s got bangers, and he’s got some cool lines in this but nothing that’s gona threaten Meek’s career or credibility to his real fan base. Today artists drop mixtapes the way artists dropped albums in Cass’ prime, so to say Meek’s buzz is dying after only one album is unfair, he’s dropped DC 1 & 2 and D & N in a lil over a year and all of them had the streets buzzing, and I don’t even really like any of them but to deny it would be hatin. Only way u can say he killed him is if u really hate Meek and wana see him fade away and fall off. Meek’s diss to Cass wasn’t nothin special either, but at least he had some kinda flow and charisma in it even if he screamed the whole time. Weak ass battle all around and shows how sad the state of hip-hop is that this is gettin so much attention.

    • Reg300

      I hear you, but meek definitely talks about the same shit over and over. I’m from Philly and was born in the 80s. So I watched both of there careers from the beginning. Meeks claim to fame used to be his hunger and pain that you could feel through his bars and delivery. Now it’s all cars clothes and money. All that’s good but when your substance declines as much as Meeks did, typically your fan base and career does too. Cassidy on the other hand has a untarnished track record in the battle scene which is why I don’t understand why meek chose to go up against him. And a devistating loss in a battle can destroy a career. We’ve seen it oh so many times in hip hop.

  • Cap Cee

    Straight murder. Thank you for saying Peedi got jacked. I’ve been waiting for Peedi to say something. Meek got nothing….


    Flat line.

  • marty mcfly

    There is NOTHING Meek can do with this. Put everything aside cause its not about who can yell the loudest or who is signed to who or who has more buzz or who can borrow Ross’s Maybach on weekends. As for BARS!!!! There is absolutely nothing Meek will ever be able to do with Cassidy. Never Ever Ever Ever… so let the dreamchaser dream go ok MMG fans. We both know Cassidy can keep doing this over and over again and it;ll just get worse each time for Meek.

    • Gman

      GB, period .

  • Jaztazj

    Rappers need to take notes, this is how you respond!!!!!

  • CT

    I’m tired of people saying Meek got hits but Meek hits are not touching Cassidy hits, I don’t know if Cass broke or not but Meek ain’t as rich as proclaim; is career is not even on the level that cassidy was thus far

  • nc0310

    “The meek shall inherit the earth
    Well thats exactly what Meek gonna inherit when you’re buried in dirt”

    DAMNNNNNNN Cass just ate

  • ‘sheed

    cass killed meek, no doubt but too bad diss records don’t end careers anymore. if they did, lloyd banks would have killed rick ross with “Officer Down”. still, that dont stop people from making excuses for meek all over twitter haha

  • Fuck Meek Milly don´t response SILLY!!!!!!!

  • wqe


    only people that care about officer down is lloyd banks fans. to the non-bias listener that shit was average at best. Forgot that shit even existed…. that says it all

  • Joe_no_Dirt

    This track was murrrddddaaa (Ja Rule voice).. 2013 Ether… This beef is over

  • justenjoythisshit

    officer down outsold ross’ single back then lol

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter

    This reminds me of when rappers beefed in the 90′s, no fancy beat and song just straight bars the old heads and hip hop fans should like this but the kids probably wont get it

  • LMAO at this guy wqe above me… IS THAT YOU OFFICER RICKY ??.

  • ddd

    best diss song in years

  • Jersey

    JESUS H CHRIST! I knew my dude Cass wouldn’t let that Repo ish fly. I was like it’s a matter of time. 10 minutes of STRAIGHT BARS and damn near every one is quotable.

    And we know I turned to Christ like Tebow/ But in jail was the only time I hung around wit COs.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the list goes on and on. This was a STRAIGHT BODYBAG!

  • Powblenmg


  • wqe

    @[email protected]……. okay im sure you and the other 12 remaining lloyd banks fans take comfort in believing that.

  • Cannon

    Meek be spittin lies, to the kids and his fans. He’s not a lyricist, just a nigga getting it. And his fans aren’t loyal wait till next year!

  • Tecboy

    Straight FIRE!! Cass did his thing, didn’t expect anything less! Does what he do! Words of wisdom to Meek; take that L, & step off!

  • dirk

    Cassidy murdered Meek Mill. Best disstrack I heard in the last 5 years.

  • dirk

    I don’t know what Weak Mill can do now. He probably won’t response.

  • Gutta gutta

    Cass murdered that clown over some classic beats

  • VJ

    Holy shit. This is THAT shit.
    In jail, only time I was chilling with a CO. *Ross grunt*

    That was crazy, & that was only the beginning.

  • Fais

    JEsus! Cass Murdered Meek. Bodies everywhere.

    My condolences. HOLY

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    Damn it, Cassidy!!! You killed Meek Mill before I got the chance to even listen to his music, smh. RIP Mr. Meek Mill…..

  • boo

    Throw in the towl 4 meek officer ricky lmao that’s real hip hop

  • The Swag Kidd

    Fuck all this diss songs, I WANT THEM TO BATTLE…FACE TO FACE! Lets do thiiiis!!!!

  • joecoke

    Beat at 8 mins?

  • Kush

    Banks >meek mill > Rick puss

    Banks still nicer than all of Mmg fuck you talkin about that’s like 4 fans in this post alone go figure Wussup in the rest of the world you delusional just like ricky nicca lmfao officer down

  • VA

    that beat at 8mins is Camron bro…and im glad someone finally getting at Meek Mills, and for you youngns out there that dont know, Cass been doing this Battle Rap Shit for Years nothin new, He gonna kill Meek Mills on the Mic go ask Freeway!!…

  • RIP Meek Mills

    I’m 17 AND white….. Cass murdered Meek
    fuck your generalizations and fuck your ethnicity

  • dcd

    woooooow, hahahaha, cass ruined this guy.

    “you can put my raps in the crack file, that style you got not yours that’s peedi crakk’s style”


  • J

    Ohhhhh shit how did I just realise that Meek’s name is Robert Williams and Rozay’s is William Roberts.

    I’m freaked out just a little now

  • TheKaneWhite

    “I’ll kill you and have Wale recite a poem at your funeral” ahhh man….But Cass aint bout no game thou. better stop sleepin like he new to this sh*t. And Meek better not be a poor sport an try an take it to the street, thts a weak lil nigga move. Take you L like a man.

  • Kory

    yall funny. Both these niggas are clowns. this was all that great. Its just that we hear so much 2chainz and trinidad james that this seems amazing! Its really not that good at all.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Cute raps. But does it really matter when you can’t even show you face except on your block.

  • Lampz

    ”Yo I got one lyric pointed at your head for start
    Another one, is pointed at your weak ass heart
    Now if I pull the trigger, on these fully loaded lines
    You’re gonna wish I woulda pulled a black nine”

  • Yee

    no one mentioned in the comments how thats Meek Mill talking in the beginning !!! hahahaha the first fuckin 30 seconds kills meek nvm the whole song this is great

  • whoa

    Meek Robert Williams
    Ross William ROberts ??? that is fucked right up

  • yoyo

    yoooo what is that very last beat ????

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter

    “Yep, this what Ima do to you, k!ll you in a battle then Wale can say a poem at your funeral”

    “But jail is the only time I hung around a CO”

    “You must’ve lost your damn mind screaming all the damn time”

    “You couldn’t even keep the f*cking Z in your name”

    “And Meek, how you gon’ rage war when the GD’s made MMG shut down their paid tour?”

    “You my son, one of my sperm cells that grew up”

    “I brought you in this world, I can take you out. Then let your b*tch and my !! start making out”

    “You an animal in the face, you remind me of that monkey from Planet Of The Apes”

    “And you was mad Kendrick Lamar sold more than you, I seen the tweet”

    “Plus the rest of your niccas can get it too, I’ll get at them right after I get at you”

    everybody saying he acapella’d then picked the beats are trying to discredit how amazing this really is.

    First beat – eye for an eye… Saying you dissed me. Now it’s your turn.
    4th beat – bad boyz…. Dissing him, Ross, and MMG.
    5h beat – phone tap…. Slow beat and he talks about rapping on a slow beat.
    I forget – Ambitionz of a Ridah – Talks about his 2pac song.
    Am to Pm beat – His own beat. He used to talk about how he was in the game and getting money before him.
    Dipset Anthem – Talking about MMG and his contract situation. Basically comparing it to Dipset. How he’s going to get !!ed over in the end.

    Diss is full of gems. Every beat served a purpose. I don’t feel like doing them all Cassidy is a beast.
    This is crazy. Different freestyles on different beats that all flows and even uses the beat as subliminals. For 10 minutes with no fillers? I’m sorry this is the best diss ever. R.A.I.D >>>>>>> Ether

  • ‘sheed

    @Wqe yeah… no. “Officer Down” was not average at best. Everyone rode that shit when it dropped. That was some shit that turned non-Banks fans or old-Banks fans to believers again. Go check the old comments on that song on 2dbz when that dropped; over 60 comments of only praise.

    • felix

      second beat?

  • Zozo

    This is a career ender….wow

  • Cassidy went in. Wish he would flow on the beats a little better when they switch up.

  • mike

    Dear Meek,

    Please reply and havea rap battel so we have the 90’s feel of hip hop back…even though you’ll lose

    Every Hi-Hop fan

  • Fart Sniffer

    this sucks balls. you niggas are just some dick riders. this might be worse than condom style, and that was the worst song ever made.

    • CABNumber

      Stop lying to yourself this Is Hip-Hop dude. I’m don’t even listen to these dudes but every time I’m looking for some new Hip-Hop I see these cats mentioned. I checked it out and Cass killed this fool. Your just mad for some reason he went in on the fool and you can’t deny that, Meek was asking for it.

  • high_s0ciety

    whats the very last beat at 9:56???

  • Mike Magic

    Thank you Cassidy. these young pretenders need to understand what a diss track should sound like. This is what hip hop is all about!
    This prick needed a shotgun blasted in his grill and Cass pulled the trigger. ‘I got money’ ‘Roley all on my wrist’ ‘Maybach Music’ fuck off Meek

  • Juicy-G

    Definitely not the most spectacular diss record ever, but MORE than enough to kill Meek Mill. Good job Cass, keep putting these whack emcees to rest.

  • Chris


  • Millieon

    cas ..damn..187(no #tyga)

  • Mr. Truth

    does anybody remember the song condom style? i can never take cassidy seriously again in my life. he’s just a has been that’s trying to get shine by dissing meek, who is one of the hottest niggas in the game. two words: condom style.

  • Joe

    does anyone feel like in the last year hip hop just turned back in the right direction ? and can we all agree that MEEK MILL JUST GOT KILLED

  • Benn

    OMG. Cassidy just lyrically raped Meek Mill!

  • Benn

    OMG.. Did y’all even hear the Temple Run sound in the track! Cass is a Badass!!!

  • old school hip-hop

    Cassidy hosting meek mill funeral. This track is raw and career ending

  • old school hip-hop

    cassidy just killed meek mill ,to bad meek hat to find out the hard way now his career is injured,paralyzed,no oxygen going to his career at all no signs of life lol

  • N

    Just in case anybody wanted the list of the beats Cassidy rhymed over:

    Mobb Deep, Nas, & Raekwon – Eye For An Eye
    The Notorious B.I.G. – Warning
    The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door
    Shyne – Bad Boyz
    The Firm – Phone Tap
    Jay-Z – U Don’t Know
    2Pac – Ambitionz Az A Ridah
    The Lox – Fuck You (Cass did a dope freestyle over this, years ago)
    Boogie Down Productions – The Bridge Is Over
    Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) – Keep It Thoro
    Gang Starr – You Know My Steez
    Cassidy – AM To PM (Off of I’m A Hustla)
    Jadakiss – We Gonna Make It
    Cam’ron – Down & Out
    The Diplomats – Dipset Anthem
    Amil, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, & Jay-Z – 4 Da Fam
    DMX, The Lox, & Jay-Z – Blackout
    DMX, The Lox, & Mase – Niggas Done Started Something

  • Käne

    whoa went on like 50 diff beats and used all the raid on him at the end of the track … lol so dead !!!!

  • marty mcfly

    hey everybody get cassidy’s cock out of your mouths. damn yall some dick riders.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Ummm No troll, Cassidy just slaughtered Meek and Its just the truth.

  • Shawn

    Cass just destroyed Meek.

  • Realniggashit

    Meek destroyed Cass… What the fuck am I saying it’s obvious that Cassidy straight killed Meek, and if you disagree go fuck yourself!

  • D’S

    this dude meek is on twitter talkin bout “in 50 days nobody gonna remember “RAID” and we still gon be ballin!”

    simple ass nigga just got beasted at his craft, let alone called out…and still talks about $$$$

  • LupeX

    hashtag #MeekGotBodied. Period.

  • D’S

    and anyone tryna say it’s weak cuz of the length or meek won needs to parachute the fuck off robert’s nuts…this is that shit. that old school beef shit. straight BARS. If you were born after 2000 I guess I can’t fault you for saying meek wins cuz yall prolly think it’s about who raps the fastest/loudest….and that Rick Ross’ is the real Rick Ross

  • D’s

    More bitchassness…meek tweeted some shit like “nobody will play that in a car!” like….

    1. that’s what it’s all about these days bro? if it slaps in the car? are you 16 my nigga?
    2. like all those classic fuckin beats don’t slap??????

    Meek needs to be sacrificed to the hip hop gods

  • Scotch

    Last Beat Is “Nigga’s Done Started Something” By DMX.

  • Invictus

    Relax people. Meek Mill is still gonna be making music and making money. No Cassidy Diss track is gonna end Meeks career. Get a grip! What fantasy world are you all living in? Your way too excited over this B.S. Chilll! lol.

  • MoodSwingz

    niceeeee.. Cass murdered him.

  • TB

    meek is a tool

  • TB

    Nas prob has more money than Meek but most of us still love nas. money ain’t the issue – being a wack ass gimmick rapper is the issue and cass burned him for it.

  • bladaoh

    damn cass killed dude…

  • NoWuff

    I want a list of the beats he rapped over

  • Cage

    ^^^^ Scroll Up. Someone already listed them.

  • LOL

    That picture killed Meek Mill career lol , but really though Meek need to get off tweeter and step his bars up cause Cassidy killed him on this.

  • malcyvelli

    dam…im almost in disbelief theres people dumb enough or at least have the gall to pull some stupid contrarian shit to stir the pot and say this isnt ether because this shit is UNDENIABLE! meek got ate no questions asked, it was official at the “tupac not fat” line hahaha that was genius, this wont end his career but its definitely gonna hurtem a bit, i think this is why hes already promoting his next tape because he knows he cant give cass bars back so hes gotta fight back the only way he can which is yelling on mixtapes and shit

  • gregory kruxx.

    Im a Meek fan but fa real Cassidy just shut this battle down. Its ova Meek. You lost, take the L like a man. Cass just clapped at ya!!! Whoo

  • mehomie

    “you a son of a bitch tryna imitate ya pops…” cassidy

  • kurse


  • me

    once again cass had crazy punch lines (he’s a professional battle rapper)…but there is no way this ranks up with the classic diss tracks for the same reason cass did not survive commercially…he cant make a song…there was no flow, no recognition of the beats other than they fit the topic he was on,,nothing u want to say over again in the sense of a “1st off fuck yo bitch and the click u claim, or “fuck jay-z!, or LAAAAAAMMMMMEEEE”, he didnt execute a classic like game’s endless 240 and 300 bars did when he acknowledged the instrumentals he was on and still came with lines that were “oh shit”, as he rapper for the better half of a day it seemed like back then…thats what i think meek means by this shit won’t bump in a car, it doesn’t…yea he wins based off of punch lines and the accuracy of them but as a whole listen this is ok, nothing epic also because it doesnt involve epic people of the momment…no pac on big, no jay on nas, no game on gunit (who at that time were the shit), not even cannibus taking a shot at a legend in ll and if this is the case then let it be jada vs sigel which was great…all those artists were able to have punchlines, facts, subliminals, etc, and execute a song…so this is decent and all and gives ouus and ahhhs but other than that im not amazed like hearing takeover, ether, 300 bars, 2nd round knockout, no vaseline…cass just battle rapped, he always does…nothing major in the spectrum of hip hop beefs
    Lets not get carried away and compare it to great stuff during great time periods, this is meek (a guy known for hits not lyrics) vs cass (a guy known for battle raps and his hit with r.kelly, and imma hustla…about it mainstream wise) in an era where no one cares by the next week…i mean are any of these dudes even in your top 50?…yea cass won but ok, nice punchlines though…lets see if he gets a new deal out of this, and lets see if meek is gonna be on another radio hit touring off of it’s popularity.

  • fern

    cass flow was boring but he won

  • marty mcfly

    Diss records were NEVER made to bump in the car and they were NEVER made for radio or to serve any purpose like that. If Cass won then he won and thats all that matters. This is not supposed to be a “song” like a full out record. Its a diss so there is no formula needed to be follow. A diss record is based on who shits on who the worse and CLEARLY Cass won there.

  • Meeeek milliiii

    omg this beat is sooo boring! meek mill would have killed him with his voice and his money

  • steadilyshine99

    please tell me name of very first beat, pissing me off

  • lkilki

    Damn,,,, cassidy really killed meek.dueces for the dude who listed em beats

  • Erd

    Yo cuz your ass fuck Cassidy is ass meek is better you sound like you got a dick in your ass cuz you but meek all day every day