Lil Wayne – I Ain’t Nervous f. Boo

blame it on Miss_Peas January 6, 2013

Another new Tunechi track titled “I Ain’t Nervous” featuring Boo has surfaced. Lil Wayne’s new project, I Am Not A Human Being II drops soon. YHTN.

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  • bigErn

    Does every “hip-hop” song have the same overexposed bassline and clicking effect in the bg nowadays?? Shit’s formulaic homey

  • kiko

    No, “I’m Different’s” different.

  • Tmlp103

    Love Wayne But not feeling this one. to much auto tune. This is not on IANAHB II its a left over. Props to lilwaynehq

  • randomguy

    It’s alright, nothing special

  • colesummer

    he went in to the studio recorded this and no worries and decided no worries was better and through this out. hope its not on the new album

  • tmlp103

    @colesummer its not.. no worries.

    • RobertAssIsDead

      U dnt kno if it will be or not, ur not wayne, and ur nowhere aroun his atomosphere, it’ll be on there, on deluxe

  • reboy

    this shit goes.

  • xxx

    this song is fkin dope

  • sup

    i ain’t nervous is like the same name as no worries basically.

  • chea!

    man i aint a fan of wayne but for the clubs he been goin 3 and 0. props wayne.

  • Honestly.

    Yo, you can hate this guy if you want, but this album is about to do huge numbers.

  • Bizzy

    all these songs sound the same lol people can’t be that stupid can they smh

  • Unnecessary auto-tune, would have liked it otherwise.

  • XmarXtheSpt

    Dope beat. Wayne is trash. next.

    • Khalil

      Suck a big ass cock

      • Sanjaya

        Yo mama’s

  • realtalk™

    People still try to make a case for this dude? He’s wack af.. he sounds so uninspired, never talks about anything interesting or anything that makes sense for that matter..

  • I kinda like it.

  • Pauly D

    Good song

  • Wayne need to thank producers and mix engineers for his success and the way they create his songs. I like the song, beat is nice, the autotuned melody is nice and catchy. Those points apart, the content is empty and repetitive. No punchlines, nothing interesting. That’s when I realize that everyone could do the same shit with the guys behind him…

  • Lol

    Lol you know what’s even more funny than Wayne being ‘trash’?

    Regardless of how horrible you think he is, or how annoying, or stupid, or repetitive… he’s still gonna drop the album, it’s still gonna outsell every ones album, and he’s still gonna be the biggest name in music.

    Get over it.

  • Pizzle