Lil Wayne – Rich As F*ck f. 2 Chainz (prod. T-Minus) [CDQ]

blame it on Illy January 6, 2013

Though we’ve been hearing a lot of “Good Kush & Alocohol,” Wayne is actually officially releasing the 2 Chainz-assisted, T-Minus-produced “Rich As F*ck” as his new single off I Am Not A Human Being II, which he recently shot a video for.

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  • ‘sheed

    2dbz used to post download links to everything.

  • A$AP Ashy

    haters gonna hate !!!

    • Im replying to your name!! Shit made me laugh!! Song is hella boring, T-Minus wasted this beat giving it to Wayne

  • KendrickLamardickrider

    Weezy is back! Fuck the haters!

  • 2CHA1N2

    why does 2 chainz not have a verse??

  • ibo

    Hope Tity Boi be charging huge money for this contribution, boy’s on point. Spitting that hot fire.

  • truefax

    Look, 51 likes and 16 dislikes.
    This just shows how dumb y’all, this track is beyond wack.

  • Bizzy

    this is really nothing great at all

  • T9FTW

    They both look retarded in this picture.

  • lew

    first “Alcohol and Kush” now “Rich As Fuck” haha the creativity is oozing with this one…… joke

  • J

    This some of the least dope music to ever be on this site, I only listened for Tity Boi and that was a waste of time. I’m going back to Carter II and forgetting this

  • Champ

    Rename it ORDINARY AS FUCK.

  • factormax

    welcome back wayne

  • never like wayne , but this track is dope. .where the download link man?

  • DonnieGenesis

    You don’t wanna listen to Wayne but you are looking for 2Chainz? I guess I don’t understand the differenece. They both have the same style raps. People are just taking music so seriously it’s ridiculous, not all of it is made to evoke deep emotions. Enjoy music and relax you haters.

  • lew

    We would enjoy it… IF IT WAS GOOD

  • koodabang

    All These rappers do is talk about how they got all this money and everybody else is broke niggas. Who wants to support this??? One main reason why i download there albums illegally lol shruggz

  • Flip

    Weezy sound mad LOL cuz i was when he was putting out that trash but this is hard

  • @SHAKE http:// postimage. org/image/x1dfe870z/

  • BKLYN Kid

    Sounds like Budden’s “She Don’t Put It Down Like You”….

  • nohate

    Can’t stand lil wayne’s lyrics anymore. Listened for T-Minus beat.

  • zbMrOG

    2dbz blows up…and the links dry up…smh

  • zbMrOG

    my bad my bad, its on there ya just gotta look abit…dope track.

  • @bertowoods


  • Jay

    It’s another case of LiL Wayne #StruggleBars over a dope beat.

  • 2_Eazy

    the hook sucks…matter of fact the whole song sucks

  • ggggggggg

    how rich is fuck?…really don’t understand how people can listen to this type of music

  • doogie

    http:// postimage. org/image/x1dfe870z/ >>>> this post’s image

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    co-sign @jay