• Grimzz

    1. Slim Thug had the toughest verse on still pimpin to me
    2. Deep Cover at 17?!?!
    3. I'm surprised they even included renegade when most know it was em's song to begin with
    4. Should Deck on triumph count? Lol

  • Mike Tomlin

    I was ready to flip until I saw it was best "Guest" verses. Gimme Em on Forgot About Dre and Biggie on Victory.

  • Mike Tomlin

    PS these Complex slideshows are the worst

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    andre 3000 should have at least 10 slots on this list in my humble opinion

  • Super Yams

    LOL complex lists

  • Nuff

    i say every nas guest verse even better than he solo

  • spowers3

    Meth on Shadowboxing was the most glaring absence to me

  • http://shy Pyrex Shy

    Wow smh ...R.A's verse on Jedi's "Uncommon Valor" Shoulda been in the top 10.

  • nc0310

    Drake at 20? LOL

  • N_

    Complex List is bad haha

    However, I feel like they left out Sean P on Jedi Mind Trick's Blood Runs Cold. Good song

  • N_

    Also, would've added OutKast on Slick Rick's Street Talkin

  • Sualel

    sooooooooooo Bone Thugs N Harmony on Notorious Thugs doesn't make the list?????

  • WMack

    No order.

    1. Nice & Smooth's on GangStarr's "DWYCK"
    2. Redman on EPMD's "Headbanger" and Pac's "I Got my Mind Made Up"
    3. E-40 on Luniz's "I Got 5 on it Remix"
    4. Mystikal on Master P's "Make Em Say Ughh"
    5. Bun B on Lil Jon's "Grand Finale"
    6. Ice Cube on D.O.C.'s "Grand Finale"
    7. Pimp C on Crooked Lettaz (David Banner)'s "Get Crunk"
    8. Killer Mike on BoneCrusher's "Neva Scared"
    9. Black Thought on Pun's "SuperLyrical"
    10. Andre and Big Boi on everydamnthing they get on.

    Why do we even read Complex?

    • NYNupe

      Nice N Smooth
      Def agree

  • Sam

    dont hate on this one, but i think that Foxy Brown on Nas's Affirmative Action should be there

  • anonymous

    lol these morons put drake and nicki over big's verse on brooklyns finest………hip hop journalism is such a failure

  • VSOP

    Ra the Rugged Man AFTER Nicki Minaj?!? AND Rick Ross??!! wtf

  • Mature Gambino

    where is ice cube on scarface's "hand of the dead body"? one of the most amazing verses he ever recorded... wack list

  • Mature Gambino

    Cappadonna on Winter Warz is also clearly top ten

    Same with R.A. the Rugged Man

  • dalektikal

    Canibus on Beasts from the East not even on the list? Yet Nicki Minaj is... I don't even know why I bother reading this Complex lists anymore.

  • BrooksyBoy

    Pharoahe Monch on Mos Def's Oh No FTW!