Jeff Staple Meets Mike Tyson (Video)

There is a "Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon"-type of link between the Staple Design founder and the boxing legend. In this clip Mike speaks on one of his lifelong fascinations to Jeff, from Mike's hometown of Brooklyn. For those actually interested, here is how Jeff and Mike are related to Kevin Bacon:

* One of Jeff Staple's most infamous designs was the Nike Pigeon Dunk, inspired by New York City's "rats with wings..." uh... staple
* Pigeons have always been a source of serenity and calm for Mike Tyson, dating back to his early childhood
* Mike Tyson shared screen time with actress Lori Singer in the 2004 film When Will I Be Loved
* Lori Singer shared screen time with Kevin Bacon in 1984's Footloose

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