Phil Beaudreau - Buried Alive x Spark x Take It High

Dopeboyz/girlz... meet Phil Beaudreau. A New England native who is currently signed to Dawaun Parker's High Renaissance imprint. And while he is busy putting the finishing touches on his upcoming self-written/self-arranged EP, Ether, the singer/songwriter has released three singles to get y'all on board. So if y'all have about 11 minutes to spare, I suggest you hit the jump and take a  listen.

Influenced by classic legends including The Beatles and Stevie Wonder, while drawing inspiration from current greats, Thom Yorke and Kanye West, Beaudreau crafts a stunning soundscape that feels both unique and familiar. Phil credits Bill Withers for inspiring the stomping rhythm in the track, “Buried Alive.” In his retro-soul styled tune “Spark,” Beaudreau chronicles the struggles of a woman at her lowest point, while in “Take It High,” the first single from Ether, Beaudreau urges the listener to elevate themselves, whether metaphorically or literally.  [via]

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  • SmokeLikeDZA

    Dude is dope for real

  • Monstrous

  • beyenesausage

    Everybody shutup and listen to "Take it High" AT LEAST

    Shit is dope! And WILL get sampled, duh =)

  • SmokeyBot

    And WILL get sued if not cleared lol

  • jundamane24

    yea this dude is mad nice, this that chilled out cruising music.

  • Lizama



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