Red Pill & Hir-O - Waiting On A Train (Video)

For the past month I've been stuck in a rut and basically just going through the motions of the day to day life, with no real drive or motivation that I once prided myself in having (I know... cool story Shake). So when the Detroit producer/emcee duo came through with this "Waiting On A Train" single? I had to run it back a few times and realize I relate to far too much of what Red Pill is saying. Solution? Stop making excuses and make it a point to progress with each passing day. Obviously this site isn't my personal journal, but some songs speak to me more than others and I get the urge to type a bit. *shrugs... those digging the song should be on the lookout for the duo's The Kick; which is stated to drop January 15th.

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  • willmofo

    Incredible video & song! These 2 cats did their thing on this joint! BUT, y'all need to remember the name, "RED PILL"!!! Don't say I didn't warn you...

  • whuddupdoe

    Creative video, dope lyrically. This joint is tough. I wanna hear more BLAT! Pack in the future.

  • Aaron

    Dope offering from Red Pill & Hir-O! BLAT!

  • bladaoh

    really dope song, i thought red pill was from lansing tho...regardless good to see he got some love with a post

  • Thanks for the post! In regards to where I'm from, I'm from everywhere haha. Born in Detroit, raised half in Redford and in Howell, moved to Lansing when I was 19, I only lived out there for about 4 years while at MSU and now I'm back in the Detroit area (Ferndale). So, I'm sort of from everywhere.

  • dan giese

    for sure these dudes get down love the jazz blues rap mix bad ass u guys hit it good with this


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