Rick Ross Reveals New Album Title (Video)

blame it on Meka January 7, 2013

When Shake asked you, the fan, what Ricky’s next album should be titled, we got responses ranging from Immaculate and Self-Made (not bad, actually) to Fillet-O-Fish Scale and O.N.H.S.I.F.C. – Only Ni**a Having Seizures In First Class (seriously, it’s so wrong to laugh at that one, yet I cannot stop laughing). Anyways, in typical “Rick Ross grandiose” fashion, the Wingstop peddler dropped this visual to announce the title of his upcoming sixth project: Mastermind.

Now, if we can get out resident Photoshoppers to give us our take on the project’s cover art (such as the one I found a while ago, down bottom), we’ll be in business.

  • fuckyoufool

    This clown should have been kicked out of the industry years ago really the only people to blame are these foolish young kids who support him.

    I think that 50 is honestly killing MMG even worse than he did to Murder Inc. I don’t understand how people still fuck with MMG, if this was 2000 MMG woulda already been done for. I mean, 50 cent took out niggas baby mommas, took pics with niggas sons, went to khaleed (although not MMG still part of same clique) mom’s place, whupped gunplay, took their chain, has pics with the chain, head was a C.O., and on and on

    yet, it;s like rick ross fans make excuses or ignore all these L’s

    THis might be one of the most all time disrespectful shit i’ve seen done to a crew. Imagine if death row had done all this shit to bad boy, all pac did was fuck faith, and people act like THAT was a big blow. Imagine if suge and pac had took pics with childrem, went to bigs mom’s house when she was sleep and mad threatening video, if Biggie was a C.O., if cease had been jumped and his bad boy chain tooken,

    Bad boy woulda been laughed outta the bizzness. but MMG still alive and well and fans still thinking ross is real. makes no sense.

  • Rick Ross – Enter the Restaurant (36 meals)


  • Mike Tomlin

    What do Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, Outkast, Kayne, Kendrick, etc. have in common?

    They dont put out an album and two mixtapes a year… Im tired of this fool. Quality over Quantity office Ricky.

  • LMAO… I dont think this guy Rick Ross is alright in the head, hes super delusional and fool of himself for a normal person.
    hes what is known in the biology/medical fields as a sociopath.

  • SforMusic

    @fuckyoufool because whiles 50 cent was focusing of putting Ross out of business , Rick Ross was making business, Past life or no past life, what Ross excels in is his work ethic, 50 Cent is musically irrelevant in 2013 ( at least till his album comes out) because he hasn’t put out enough work and he aint as hungry as he is now for obvious reasons

  • nohate

    Very cool video, except for ross’s faggot ass.

  • Pauly D


    50 doesn’t even have to release an album because he’s already worth 450 million nigga.

  • jettamannn!

    That’s the thing fellas, nobody believes Ross’ persona. Niggas just dig the music.

  • Washcloth

    That Cortex sample’s been played out

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Ross takes a little shot at 2dopeboyz on his album.

  • yung

    @Mike Tomlin take Kendrick off that list, you know damn well he ain’t no heavyweight and has hardly any work under his belt for such a statement anyway

  • j2fly

    Ross is a joke, thats the point. Its entertainment. Like a movie or some shit its all entertainment. He is an act and he lives up to a persona hes created.

    Haha shit is funny

  • bigErn

    Why is this even news??

  • Had to ‘nope’ this one. I generally fucks wit’ dude, but he’s jumped the shark and I can’t take the persona seriously anymore…and that’s with a considerable amount of effort because I do think he can rap.

    The only lane he needs to be in, is the one that gets him in shape. Opulence to the point of physical detriment, is just odd behavior and a little masochistic when you have the means to do better in that regard. Biggie was the exception to the rule, and I’d have felt the same if he lived long enough…

    The new album should have been called ‘Biggest Loser’. It works only because he is winning…musically.

  • Good Peoples!

    You faggot niggas are obviously hating! i don’t like his fake ass either but you gotta admit this nigga lives like a Boss! Nice to see a black man do it like this!

    Pass or no pass he got the lifestyle yall only DREAM of

  • jayb

    niggas who dont care are the ones who dont ya niggas keep making him money…

  • 2dope4nope

    Man I don’t give a fuck I DOPE this for Colonel Sanders keeping it G on his no. 1 customer haha and AND what about Stalley homie should be next to drop an ALBUM or pull a Gibbs on em niggas seriously!

  • three

    at the end of the day good music trumps all. and ross delivered on god forgives i don’t. as much as i hate to say it because of how fake he is. if he can do it again then who knows, but it always comes down to the music.

  • Flip

    i dont give a fuck but the nigga has a baby mountain loin, thats the hardest shit i seen in a while……Leo Rawr

  • Soiled Drawz

    Almost all the mainstream hip hop now days has some half gay, wannabe thug pretending to be gangsta, sexy and rich. The fact is they are all as fake as Ross is. The only difference is Ross’s music is better. The lemmings that buy this MTV pop music and consider it hip hop are the reason artists like Rick Ross exist. All fans care about now is how sexy their favorite artist looks in their skinny jeans and how “Hot” the Billboard charts declare the music is. No mainstream artists come original now days they all imitate each other and all the fans want to imitate the artists so they can all sound the same, look the same and fit in together like clones. It all blends together and sounds exactly the same WATERED DOWN!!!!

  • gregory kruxx.

    Ross be the nicest rapper who talks about nothing but cars money sex and food.. Im done. Mastermind, Smh… Man egos

  • Sprosma

    This gonna be dope. I enjoy his albums.

  • I’m not a fan, but I was surprised at his last album..It was pretty good. I don’t listen to the music because of how hard the crew is or how real and gangster they act and prove the are. I listen because of the music.

  • Jesus Shuttlesworth

    Call him fake but this shit was pretty fly though