The Weeknd’s Trilogy Goes Gold

blame it on Shake January 7, 2013

Since re-releasing his breakout mixtapes (House Of Baloons, Thursday and Echoes Of Silence) as an official retail debut on November 13th, The Weeknd can now hang a gold plaque on his wall as the sales have now surpassed the 500k mark.

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  • ad

    his sales were multiplied by 3 with the triple disc. not that impressive of sales.

  • mike.

    I don’t think soundscan works like that still. Pretty sure he sold 500k individual packages.

  • ImGood

    haha yo that first comment

  • It still costs around 10 bucks so it didn’t sell 500k, that would’ve been a great accomplishment though.

  • dylWeed

    he sold 500k copies of the trilogy for 10 dollars each. it made around 5 million, pretty impressive

  • er

    first comment sounds right. i remember with double cd’s like 2pac’s all eyez on me they would multiply sales by 2. he sold 570k in the first week but when u divide it by 2 its less impressive. still congrats to him. but his weekly sales dont add up to 500k. he did less than 100k first week and he hasnt been selling 50k every week since november


    His total sales are just less than 200k currently.

  • Code

    So these 3 free mix tapes combined into one project did 500k in that short amount of time?? I just don’t see how.

  • jrems

    197k sold RTD. It’s a triple album, so each sale counts as 3 as far as certification is concerned. It worked the same for Outkast on Speakerboxxx/Love Below.

    Still amazingly impressive since most of that music is over 18 months old.