Jimi Hendrix - Somewhere

Earlier today, a Rakim track from 1995 surfaced to much of our surprise. Now, some vintage Jimi Hendrix has hit the internets as well. Two completely different artists, but still... today is a good day folks. This Hendrix track in particular is said to be recorded in 1968 around the time when Jimi was working on First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (the planned double-album follow-up to Electric Ladyland). Expect this, and 11 more tracks from the upcoming People, Hell & Angels compilation to rock your world on March 5th (thanks to Legacy Recordings).

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  • Frank Ocean


    It's the gay in me!

  • david

    Like the Ra track his has already been released too

  • Joe Bananas

    The first few [guitar] bars sound as though he lifted em from Little Wing (or this was the coarse precursor to Little Wing)... some of the lyrical melody is reminiscent of it also... I'm guessin this was Little Wing's prototype...