Juelz Santana – Soft f. Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Fabolous [CDQ]

blame it on Shake January 8, 2013

Juelz Santana makes his return to music with some pretty heavy features in Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Fabolous. God Will’n drops January 14th! UPDATE: CDQ via KC.

  • S.Dot

    pause to that whole intro by rozay

  • losofan

    dont rappers know how to make a song on they own? plus i swear ive heard this beat like a million times before. loso>>>

  • Shotgun Charlie

    @ Losofan

    When you been silent for years you kind of need all the help you can et LOL!!!

  • Longlivedolla

    I’m actually quite looking forward to this Juelz Santana tape… Honestly the last thing I heared from him was Second Coming in like 06?

  • My Brain says.

    It’s all the same song

  • cass owns meek

    get WEAK mill off this shit.

  • nyc22

    “I’m like Iced Tea with that white girl, gettin money off CoCo.”


  • jundamane24

    this shit knocks, Im a sucka for a piano loop sample (you can thank ALC for that)

  • Bizzy

    Disappointing that Juelz has decided to go the south route and even worth his doing tracks with Officer Ricky smh

  • Mike Tomlin

    Was looking forward to this Santana tape but why is it protocol to get Ross and these feture hungry arists on the first single of every project? Dammit I’m sick of Ross and him being on his makes me hate it already.

    Juelz killed it as expected.

  • Damon

    Back in the day Santana got southern ass record with Tip ironically named Now What
    He ain’t goin nowhere

  • Damon

    @Mike Tomlin
    The first single is Bodies with Reese

  • Wu Tang

    “The reason why New York ain’t about shit, too many mofuckas suckin the South dick, we used to be trend setters now we trend followers”

  • Bronx

    WHy da fuk these rap artist like the whole mmg, wayne, and the rest of them untalented fools always rapping the same flow rapping on the same beats wtf and juelz cmon son like (ed lover would say) u a new yorker do it like ny nikkaz do it what a shame all im saying this rap generation is the worst no creativity what so ever no disrespect to the south but some of ya artist lack talent and being creative cuz all ya songs sound the same atleast when ny was on top we rapped on any beat and made creative shit now all of a sudden some ny rappers trying to jump on the bandwagon of the south thats just a shame SMH

  • Mike Tomlin

    @Damon you sure I thought that was Reese single?

  • malcyvelli


    another new yorker that cant shut the fuck up about their own region and give props to others, shocker…

  • T9FTW

    Juelz Santana’s lyrics were laughable. Meek is weak with bars, as always. Fab had the best verse (no surprise, even though I’m not feeling his new sound) and Rick Ross on the hook was actually not bad, the first Ross hook I liked since like… (never really liked Ross, lol)

  • andrew worgan

    this song would be good if ross wasnt on it and if meek didnt repeat himself every song

  • same kid as before

    oh and new york runs the country….get widdit or get lost niggas

  • Márcio Ricardo

    Som de primeira, excelente música. Salve Hip-Hop

  • TuMadrePunto

    Nah as much as I’m not feeling the south route, this prob juss the south track on the tape, cuz Juelz still killed this shit