KiD CuDi Unimpressed With Label Support, Rants On Twitter

blame it on Shake January 8, 2013

Like he’s done in the past, KiD CuDi recently took to his Twitter page to get some things off his chest. This time, the rants revolves around the lack of support from Universal Republic on his latest singles “King Wizard” and “Just What I Am”.

King Wizard 3.4 million views on Vevo, Just What I Am has 4.3 million and my shit is not on regular rotation on radio. Hmmm. Trinidad James got 4.1 million views on his hit (rightfully so), and I hear that jam EVERYWHERE. Wheres my fuckin spins??? Im talkin numbers. Im talkin stats. To my label, I swear to all that is fuckin holy in this world, if things dont change soon, theres gonna be some problems. I worked too hard on all this shit. Producing, writing, directing AND executing the shit proper. I did my part, I put in work. Wtf. Yall kno I cuts no slack. Not w my music. Every song is my life. A piece of my fuckin tormented soul. It matters to me. I give a fuck. Done goin off and snappin my head side to side.

Do y’all think CuDi has a point? I personally don’t see either of the joints as “radio” or “club” tracks, but I like them both. So…

  • Ted.

    Both tracks are good, but definetly will never be on the radio. I personally think that a lot of people stopped fuckin with cudi after his rock album, but thats just me. But i do think he deserves some more recognition for his most recent singles and videos

  • brite

    Well maybe he should stop making music for teenagers to slit wrists to.

  • THT

    Co-sign 100% what Kid Cudi is saying. But what exactly is a radio song? Never understood that… @Ted what you mean people stop messing with Cudi? He just stated how he has 4.3 MILLION views on vevo. Thats ALOT, same as Trinidad James. But yet they play his shxt but not Cudi? So it has NOTHING with people not feeling him. All these people you are referring to that “stopped fxckin” with him where messing with him when he was on the radio. But since he’s not on the radio, they don’t. Do the math…

    • Ted.

      Of course he still has a huge fan base, but he hasnt really had a huge buzz in a while. I think he should give it some time at least for people to realize that cudi is making new and amazing music. I feel that people that arent his real fans but still enjoy his music dont even know about these past two songs. His rock album definetly steered those people away from him for a while, which is why these tracks arent “hits”. Yet.

    • Ted.

      Of course he still has a huge fan base, but he hasnt really had a huge buzz in a while. I think he should give it some time at least for people to realize that cudi is making new and amazing music. I feel that people that arent his real fans but still enjoy his music dont even know about these past two songs. His rock album definetly steered those people away from him for a while, which is why these tracks arent “hits”. Yet

  • m.black

    Majors aren’t spending anywhere near the marketing & promo dollars they used to on alternative acts. Kudi has come out with some really good material but my guess is his label thinks he’s got really good shit too…it’s just he’s too experimental for them to throw a lot of money at, so they let him do his thing and roll with the punches.

    Kudi doesn’t belong with the major he’s with or boutique label like G.O.O.D. music. He doesn’t go for alot of features and no ones lining up to get a feature from him either. So going Indie can’t hurt…Stones Throw? 4AD? Virgin Records?

  • doc rovers

    glad to see he actually gives a shit about what hes creating. whereas dudes like trinidad for example, give no shit about the art of hip hop or what they make and the fact theyre single handedly dragging hip hop down to a low, low place

  • Killa

    I swear this fool can’t stop crying. Shut the fuck up.

  • grapedrank

    i dont give two shits about hearing anything from this clown. he can take his bullshit somewhere else because nobody wants to fuckin hear it.

  • Ben

    I don’t see this as a cry, sounds like he speaks from the heart! Its hard but patience is what he needs, great work will shine no matter what.

  • 93

    Other than day n night this nigga never really had songs on the radio but he still is able to sell records because he has a cult like fan base spins for cudi aint that important imo

  • Kudi has a point and yes radio is suppose to play everything. Radio shouldn’t have limits.

  • Slaughterhouse

    Cudi’s like a little child that. Always whining. People who listen to the radio don’t want to listen to ‘King Wizard’ and ‘Just What I Am’. Is it that hard to understand? Besides making sub-par music lately, those aren’t ‘good’ singles.

  • marty mcfly

    I aint listen to a Kid Cudi song in years but is the shit he talking about actually dope? Or his he singing horribly and rapping even less impressive then A$AP Rocky? Im not gonna go listen to no Cudi shit at this point but maybe his singles just dont really sound that good. That all

  • nibs

    someone tell this guy to shut the fuck up, I’ve never heard this guy say anything remotely resembling humble. egotistical piece of shit. and I love these comments standing up for the guy. every 3 months some artist bitches about label treatment and these fucking clowns keep signing to them. if he was all about hard work he would have been independent from the start, and ok you were young they threw money and women at you, who wouldn’t right? but then don’t complain when they treat you like shit, because a million fucking artists have warned you about label treatment. fuck kid cudi, his music sucks dick anyway, his whole career is based off of a 2 year long radio rotation of a day n night techno remix that he really had nothing to do with

  • nibs

    and for the record, in 2 days, one of two things will happen. either:
    a) he will apologize to the label
    b) he will state that the label apologized to him, and it was really all a big misunderstanding, and they are really gonna back his 3rd single

    fuck kid cudi

  • Real Talk

    cosign nibs^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LMFAO

  • I understand him but honestly more music is being heard from online nowadays compared to radio. So if he has a decent amount of internet promotion and the people are aware of his new music online, then he should be good . I still understand the whole wanting to have your music heard on radio tho but its dudes putting up decent numbers just off the internet.



  • Mac Dre

    I think Cudi’s management needs to do more. The label is about making money off of his songs, taking care of his personal interests/promo. His management should get him premiering videos on 106 & Park/Sucka Free Sunday’s on MTV. They should be getting him interviews and performances on late night talk shows. They’ve gotta make Cudi assessable and let him speak about his art. If he shows he cares, people will care.

  • Mac Dre

    ^^^not taking care* As in the label just worries about making money off of the music, whereas his management should be working harder to look out for him personally.

  • scooter

    why you talkin bout da young hippy? he just doing his thang if ya know what i mean.get it right.niggas thank they know,niggas thank they know the deal,4real,my nigga doing his thang if know wat i mean.

  • Truth Siren

    This nigga Cudi is a lil bitch stop whining you emo rapping cokehead

  • 2

    i appreciate cudi’s passion but this is definitely the wrong way to get more attention. at this point it’s not worth the label’s time and money to put alot of effort into promoting his music when there’s other more popular artists. it’s all just business. then again, who even wants to be played on the radio when everything they play is horrid

  • Stay Frosty

    Give it time, Don’t Be S.A.F.E came out in August. Video for All Gold Everything came out in October, in recent weeks it’s been getting play.

    But then again, this is CuDi. The same one who complained that his (first) album was getting pushed back and wouldn’t get nominated for a Grammy. C’mon down Scott, yes the album was good but you can’t be mentioning Grammy’s when you’re new on the block and nobody knows who you are.

  • drew

    Cudi mite be the best in G.O.O.D including Kanye.

  • lol

    good shit cudi.its not like he REALLY gives a fuck he’s gonna sell records reguardless i mean it is kid cudi ya bish.

  • BK

    The Weeknd barely got any radio play if any at all and his album with all his three remastered mixtapes has gone gold. Cudi has a large fan base so I wouldn’t worry to much if I was him.

  • CABNumber

    Kid Cudi is a liar, if tho man really cared about his music he woudnt give a dame about getting it on the radio and 106 & park. Money is this fools first priority, fuck all these cats that do it for the Money. Music was for the purpose of making music. Fuck the world the exploitation of everything is ridiculous.


    Cudi’s been putting out good to great music for awhile. I didn’t really mess with “Day & Night” but his “A Kid Named Cudi” mixtape that dropped 5 years ago made me a huge fan. Those two songs he named are pretty dope, unfortunately I don’t see them ever getting heavy play on a mainstream pop/hip-hop radio station but could possibly on an alternative station. Cudi’s label needs to find a better way to market him because he is a DOPE artist.

  • Dirty randy

    Trash ass artist bitching and moaning. Don’t nobody wanna hear his struggle singing on the radio…we got future for that, don’t nobody wanna hear this nigga struggle raps either….we got future for that. Nigga can take his oberdose bars somewhere else FOHWTBS

  • Dirty randy


  • Dolo808

    girls love just what i am…aint the definition of “radio material?”

  • bkimbriel

    The major doesn’t care about cudi anymore because he’s money in the bank for them. He’s an alternative artist that has a loyal “cult” fan base. His album will make money for the major, that’s all they care about. Why spend money pushing it if it won’t necessarily mean that big of a gap in sales? He has never made “radio” singles so these wouldn’t break the way the major would want.

    That being said cudi is a great artist and I’m amped for his upcoming music.

  • vff

    “Cudi mite be the best in G.O.O.D including Kanye.”

    this is the biggest nigga please moment of 2013 so far.

    even though you are more than likely a white boy

  • lordbam

    @vff he is bitch

  • lordbam

    @vff he is bitch

  • lordbam

    @vff he is bitch

  • lordbam

    @vff he is bitch

  • lordbam

    @vff he is bitch

  • @vff he is bitch

  • @vff he is bitch

  • @vff he is bitch

  • realtalk™

    Cudi is the realest in the game right now.. his music is not for everyone, it’s ok you people will hate on anything you can’t understand.

  • ras


    it’s ok that you try to undermine and discredit the opinions of people who disagrees with you by claiming they are just lacking understanding of the subject. we are not law majors trying to study quantum physics, we understand his music just fine.

    there’s no new dimension of knowledge you need to be privy to to understand a kid cudi song, no diss to him.

    and “he’s is the realest in the game” means nothing anymore.that shit has just become a fanboys copout whenever their favorites are under performing or not getting their dick sucked enough. “he’s too real for people” no, he’s not too real, people just dont like him.

  • CecilRhodez

    I think its stupid that people are saying Cudi’s two new singles arent radio friendly. There is no radio prototype, these lables are supposed to tell you what to listen to, with that said Just What I Am is a radio song for sure. I agree with Cudi for his rant, honestly whats the point of being on a major if they dont give you the shine.

  • Oswaldo Blanco

    I’m with cudder when he speak about giving a fuck about his craft, but dude needs to understand that the cultural norm of hip-hop is all fucked up nowadays.. Niggas aren’t trying to hear a message or your story persay.. It seems like everybody is just oooooohhhh so infatuated with Gold, molly, weed, and white bitches. Not saying that there is anything wrong with any of that, but it’s casting a dark shadow over the emcees that are spittin real life, everyday shit just as Cudi’s speaking in “Just What I am”.. I mean, a lot of people say Cudi isn’t your typical “rapper”, okay. But King Chip was on that track along side Cudder, and Chip did his thing so why wouldn’t you put that joint on the radio? My thing is, if Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” was on the radio, which wasn’t a club banger or necessarily radio material either then why can’t Cudi get a few spins? And last thing, all that negative talk about “WZRD” is irrelevant as shit. The Album actually put up decent numbers, and I’m pretty sure most of yalls favorite “rapper” put out a rock album, which was played on hip-hop stations on the radio, and yall still rode his (wayne’s) dick!

  • Jason

    King Wizard would probably do well on the radio. As far as people being turned away by WZRD, it really sucks that you have to be limited to one type of music as an artist. WZRD was a great album. Cudi hasn’t had a bad CD yet and I still hear people rockin songs from MOTM I & II. Dude should get more radio play. If you think about it, how many songs from MOTM II did you hear on the radio besides the Erase Me track w/ Kanye? Not a lot, even though the whole tape was great.

    And to the guy commenting about someone’s opinion being such because they are probably white… get over yourself, race doesn’t have anything to do with someones opinion on music asshole.

  • TR

    I feel for my guy Cudi. Making good music and getting no mainstream love. Honestly besides the first album radio love has been hard to come by for him, which sucks.

  • ty

    alot of these fuck niggas talkin shit bout cudi is the samme nigga posting under different names. you know who you are. bitch ass nigga.

  • Mike Tomlin

    None of my favorite artists songs are on the radio… Don’t desire to be at Trinada James level of music Cudi youre better than every artists on the radio.

  • Mike Tomlin

    That being said, if Cudi really is Kanyes favorite artist why doesnt he do more for him? I know Kanye really doesnt do much for Big Sean, Pusha or the rest of GOOD music either but Erase Me was fucking dope put out another one of those and Cudi will get plenty of spins.

  • Schuyler

    Way to go, Cudi. Twitter rants solve everything.

    Or you could take a step back and realize a major label supported your sub-par experimental album which consisted of a bunch of moaning and groaning that you tried to sell under a different name. Of course they want a bonafide hit if they’re going to back your next album.

    Look, the previous songs he has released are damn good, but they aren’t hits, and that’s the truth. Suits aren’t going to keep throwing money at him just to delve deeper in to his inner artist, especially when they product isn’t anything groundbreaking.

    Man up and make a hit. Play ball, Cudi, you should know how it works by now.

  • bangbangswagswag

    Neither track is a club banger or anything but I can see at least Just What I Am being on the radio, the chorus is good and people would like it.

  • who cares

    GTFO! 1) Trinidad James doesn’t deserve shit. 2) Neither do you. Your music is garbage Cudi. You have one topic… weed. Even if you actually had some subject matter why would you give a fuck if your shit was on the radio? The radio sucks.

  • silly niggas

    Its really niggas out here that dont fuck with my nigga Cudi? CMON SON!!!!!!

  • Both videos have +4 million hits on youtube without radio play… I think Cudi did his part.

    But ignoring the mostly moronic cbox banter, I fucking hate record labels. They’re so quick to snatch up artists when they’re on the come up but once they have em they’re already leaving them behind for the next act; no loyalty or support whatsoever.

  • III

    “No matter who else included im saluted” – Scott MesCuDi

  • Its his last name! Mescudi! Hence Kid CUDI!!!!

    why are ppl spelling his name “Kudi?” its fucking “Cudi” with a C. jeezus that shit irks me

  • His music is too boring for the radio. Snore….