Meka's Soul Mix Show: اصاله - مشيت سنين (or, Yeah, I Don't Know What That Means Either)

Before I moved to Brooklyn, I lived off the 137th/Broadway stop of this train.

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  • King

    It means "I have walked for years"

  • اصاله is a female Arabic singer, مشيت سنين (Walked for years) is the song title.

    Needless to say, this is the song that A$AP Rocky's 1Train sampled.

  • Sdb

    You ever ate at that pizza shop on 138th and broadway? Or go to Santiago's deli? 1 train and broadway

    • > You ever ate at that pizza shop on 138th and broadway? Or go to Santiago’s deli? 1 train and broadway

      i ate pizza there all the time. and got my plan b pills from the rite aid on 145th.

  • Stephen

    ayyyyyyy TMI ^

  • Don Kennedy

    Yeah man no one needs to know you ate there ALL the time... gosh...


    wrd nigga make a blogspot or post that shit on FB

  • AD

    Hey guys, Meka has sex!


    lmao@Meka tryin to act like his mouth not a dick warmer. we all know you gay, son.

  • bandP

    lmao well damn! yall niggas are too much lmao

  • painful

    Jeez Meka you give these guys an inch and they shove it right up your ass.


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