Beyoncé Covers GQ Magazine

blame it on Meka January 9, 2013

Shot by Terry Richardson.

Now everybody say…

The newest Pepsi pusher (she recently signed a $50 million deal to promote their wares) will grace the cover of Gentlemen’s Quarterly’s February issue, which will drop January 15th.

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  • DBS

    Either the kid is adopted or there’s a massive amount of Photoshop on that.

  • Exhibit C

    What do you mean?^

  • yp


  • adi pre

    MILF. But no fucking way is that stomach real, Photoshop hunned percent.

  • lizzie

    JayZ STAY Winnning! AND ^^Why couldn’t her stomach look like that? as much money as her and Jay got they probably hired a full-time “cocobutter rubbing assistant”….it is what it is….Im jus saying that she BAD then a muthafucka!

  • all Nopes are trolls.

  • BootyGAP

    check da GAP hottest black woman alive

  • M0ns!er

    And that’s why i dont like Jigga lol

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    This nigga @lizzie said a full-time cocobutter rubbing assitant. I’m dying!

    Also, never forget the rich have access to things us mere mortals don’t even know exist yet. Stop comparing them to regular motherfuckers like their lives are the same. Just cuz shorty you went to high school with ain’t bounced back yet doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    With that being said, I know some chicks who have had kids and you’d never be able to tell.

  • QZA

    This dude Terry Richardson stay winning. I see his name everywhere for photography

  • Ken Kaniff

    i’d let her sit on my face for hours after she got done working out.

  • 2dope4nope

    Lawd lawd lawd lawd lawd!

  • GiZA

    Hottest woman alive

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    How the fuck did Jay-Z land her? Oh wait never mind.

  • Totally Normal Guy

    I’d chop my dick off if it meant she’d agree to suck it. Even tho it wouldn’t be on my body and I wouldn’t be able to feel the sensation of her sucking it, it would be pleasing enough just to watch her suck my severed cock.

  • JAyP

    its funny that people say “oh they have money. they live life that we regular people don’t” so by saying that we can also say that she could of NOT actually had a baby or this shit could have been photoshop just like the ones saying they are regular so are you so you don’t know wtf happened other than that this has to be THEEEEE BEST GQ Cover


  • bobby99

    i’d eat the box real talk….and drink her milk