Curren$y Speaks On Possible Live In Concert Plans

blame it on Meka January 9, 2013

As we all know, plans for Spitta and Wiz Khalifa’s highly anticipated reunion LP, Live In Concert, to drop last summer was scrapped due to sample issues (call it the “Mac Miller Rule”). Now, Curren$y took to his the Twitter to ask for his fans’ thoughts on the possible future of the album:

Would you actually purchase the album now? Deliver your thoughts in the c-section below.

  • Me

    *LIVE in concert

  • steelz202

    50/50 With way Wiz has been going lately I don’t know. If they can somehow recreate that chem they had on How Fly…interesting to see…I would def have to hear one or two before giving it a go.

  • real fans dont give fuck..jus let a G know when..jet lifeeee

  • marty mcfly

    Please lets not start comparing old material with new material. Thats been the story of Wiz whole career now. Albums gotta be different because its almost impossible to make the same album twice especially years after the first one. Spitta done put out more shit the most the rappers out and he still gotta ask the fans if they still down. Thats crazy

  • I’ll buy for Curren$y… but Wiz’s garbage in the last year or two has made me stop buying anything he produces.

  • Jules

    That’s a humble ass approach right there. Big up to Curren$y.

  • check

    Can’t believe I’m the first to comment on this sick artwork… THIS IS SICK ARTWORK. Anyway, fuck a howfly expectation… I have a feeling that this project will have a more mature sound… and insane production.

  • Don

    I would definitely buy that. 2013 Spitta x Wiz? If you we ever a fan of either one, you would buy this. Trust.

  • lambo

    Wiz usually step it up wit Spitta though. I don’t mind purchasing.

  • MJR

    Il pay for it now, will definitely be dope.

  • Jason

    Absolutely I would pay for the album. As much free music as I’ve gotten from both Wiz and Curren$y, I wouldn’t think twice.

    P.S. Stop bitchin about old music vs. new music. It’s called progression. Nobody wants to keep doing the same shit every day of their lives except for the corny ass people complaining that shit sounds different.

    “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums” – Jay Z

  • edwin

    ill cop anything Curren$y drops.

  • Broth3r

    Ill buy it… why not Curren$y always coming through when free listens. Wiz will prolly step it up or come clutch with some crazy hooks…

  • 2dope4nope

    It’s whatever shit still gon leak *hint longliveasap* and I’ll cop but a non 501 but skinny jeans wiz idk but like I said it’s whatever and bet superbowl or around that that project gon hit!

  • 2dope4nope

    And a future Spittz x Wiz tour yeah I’d be with too tax with that shit nigga I’M DOWN ha

  • james dean

    You gotta pay the troll toll sometimes….The real lifers are definitely buying

  • zbMrOG

    you’re telling me Wiz doesnt have the $$$ to clear the samples? I’ll cop it just DROP IT….this is Muscle Car Chronicles alll over again. By the time that came out no one gave a fuck.

  • DMND Beats

    Spitta and wiz have been doing there thing as of late, it would be disrespectful to not buy this.

  • Chris

    Would love a hard copy of this. $$$$$$$$$

  • jeremy

    fuck yea

  • steelz

    Stated. I said chemistry not old shit shit. Wiz was a different rapper back then and I can dig it, Spitta I don’t think has missed a beat and has kept the bar high. and yeah I think Wiz will step it up to not be outdone. still 50

  • 91&^uP

    it will be free either way *wink wink* #ThiefLife

  • jayjaystaypaid

    fuck this legal bullshit and how its about to fuck up the entire mixtape game

  • Jhock420

    Umm fuck yeah, how fly was the shit.I will buy any Curren$y hard copy he releases. Jet Life

  • Fuck What You Think

    I hope it doesnt sound like the How Fly mixtape because that was a piece of shit project with the load of unfinished songs. Can’t believe how much ppl hyped it up before and after it came out.

  • Nicholas Hall

    A perfect album for RAW ppl, they should sale it n do a tour with it..Im buying it..

  • frylock

    @jason fuck outta here with bullshit progression argument. wiz has been nothing but regressing as a rapper. you listen to his really old and compare it to his stuff now you can hear it. he can’t even change his subject matter anymore for fucks sake.

  • Megatron

    DTF fa sho!!!!!!
    never gonna turn down new Spitta/Wiz’l collabs