Just Blaze – BEHOLD! (Exhibit J)

blame it on Meka January 9, 2013

Remember the madness that was “Exhibits G, F & P?” Well meet its cousin, an unfinished version of the first preview from Just’s upcoming Fool’s Gold debut. The project’s official first single will drop today (January 9th).

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes.

    We want Act II.

  • Chris

    I never understood why Exhibit C was so overrated… I mean Jay Electronica is average at best, just my opinion though. The beat was dope but the rhymes were incredibly average.

  • Raadius

    This is nuts, good shit Just

  • Mo Biscuits

    You can hear the Street Fighter in this beat.

  • Keebo

    @Chris, Exhibit C has incredibly potent lyrics, Jay’s inspiring story and ideals are displayed strongly with little to no filler. Your statement baffles me. I know we are all entitled to our opinions, but those are not “incredibly average” lyrics. I’d like to hear what you’re listening to if you consider this to be that average.

  • SF

    Just Blaze making House Music?

  • 1


  • Davey

    WTF is this shit!? Just Blaze debut is gonna be a House album?

  • Maccaveli

    Why are hip hop fans so quick to shit on something just cos it isn’t hip hop? This is tight as fuck, big up Justin for trying new things.

  • Davey

    if you like House music i guess it’s hot but i don’t like it and IMO it sounds like shit. it’s not even like Just did his own style of it, he just made a typical generic sounding house beat

  • realtalk™

    When Just Blaze he’s ahead of the curve, bringing new stuff and setting trends.
    This shit is just run of the mill house music.

    So maybe people are not upset he does something other than hip hop, maybe they’re upset because this doesn’t really show his talent AT ALL?

  • randy


    you give the narrow minded hipster faggots that populate this site way too much credit.

    these are the same losers who thumb shit down based on the whose song it before they even hit play. stop disguising bitter ignorance as some kind of yearning for artistic integrity

  • Leosash

    Was this produced for Jay Elec or Colonel Abrams? WTF?

  • Dashboard


  • realtalk™

    @randy yeah I guess, people are really narrow minded and ignorant on here.. but anyway that’s at least how I feel about this Just Blaze track..

  • T9FTW

    Lol, this some Jay ELECTRONICa music

  • 1

    If this is meant to be a joke like exibit g f p was then aight…

    But if Just is serious about this then why such a generic house beat?

    Where’s the creativeness in the production that we love him for?

    Thats like David guetta producing a wack, young chop sounding ass trap Beat and expecting props for doing “different”.

    Hate it when artists try to be different for the sake of being different and Not for trying to be creative. (kanye)

    Nevertheless, Just Blaze is a legend, hands down.

  • 1

    ….and don’t get me wrong, i like house music. But only when executed genuine and Not when it’s a carbon copy of One of the million house beats floating around…

  • TR

    I dont get what is going on here…

  • DatNewNew

    Just Blaze is on his Streets of Rage 3 game right now

  • DatNewNew

    Sounds like Just Blaze is into Streets of Rage 3

  • i feel like i should have glow sticks and be dancing like terry cruze from “white chicks” *shrugs*

  • Yall are so close minded tho. lol

  • This kinda reminds me of that Tekken Tag theme music

  • Cage

    i feel like i should have glow sticks and be dancing like terry cruze from “white chicks” *shrugs*
    justsayingjones said this on January 9th, 2013 at 11:07 am

    ^^^^^^^^ Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Shawn

    I listen to a lot of EDM and especially House music. For this to be Just’s first foray into this genre, it is pretty good. I like to see what the rest of the EP would sound like. Bravo for Just trying something different and not going the dance-euro-pop route.

  • Ryan

    Seriously, what fag is clickin the Dope button? this is gay. how is this not on Random acts of Fuckery? Get off Just Blaze’s dick, not everything he makes has to be dope… ya bunch of fags

  • ted debiase

    if someone posted a rap song on a country western site and they were like wtf is this crap music yall would be so hurt and offended. this is tantamount to that.

    a bunch of pseudo-homophobes passing judgment on a style of music they have an unreasonable intolerance for.

  • 1

    @ted debiase when you call someone homophobe for not like house music your basically saying house music is gay at the same time….jus sayin

    anyways: Just blaze is dope, house music is dope, this song is wack, it’s as simple as that

  • 2

    @1 – Agreed.

    @ ted debiase – Usually when people call people homophobes etc. it’s usually because their unsure of their sexuality. Just get that [email protected] up yer ass and enjoy it, and stop taking yer pent up aggression out on people with a valid opinions. It’s a terrible house track, simple as that.. no disrespect to Blaze, its just not his forte.

  • Rp

    Cant you hear the piano from the end of exhibit a?

  • Just Flames

    Dope . Just Blaze been making hit for years , im glad to hear Justin change his lane a little . Peep his old interview this dude grew up on house music. In the shitty trap era just blaze aint really dropping them large soul bangers anymore. This is kind of refreshing

  • YoungCosby

    There are some seriously close minded ass people on this earth. Why do hip hop fans like to keep people in a fucking box?

  • mollyEtNery

    very shitty, amateurish at best. sounds like 90’s deep house

  • Pitifully Piss Poor

    ‘Not everything he makes has to be dope’ THE TRUTH. Concur with @Ryan…

    ‘@ted debiase when you call someone homophobe for not like house music your basically saying house music is gay at the same time….jus sayin’ Seriously LMFAO… LOGICAL [DEDUCTIVE] INFERENCE is a beautiful thing…

    This shit is woefully poor [especially if he’s rendering it a House track; cus it CERTAINLY aint Hip-Hop]. An’ by all you who consider it [good] House music, you’re offending PROPER House producers and House ravers…

    @Maccaveli so therefore if ‘Justin’ ingested a mic up his ass, farted down it and layed it down that would be considered dope cus he’s ‘tryin new things’?! Bitch please… behave… this shit was precisely that: SHIT.

  • Chris

    @Keebo At the moment I have Dice Game & Trophies on rotation… What are you listening to? And yes I stand by my statement Jay Electronica’s lyrics are incredibly average!

  • Joe