• http://www.facebook.com/LiveLyricism TyLFI

    Mannnnn, what happened to the BARS man. He still got the swag but them BARS are missing. I hope he find them joints. His best tape to me was The Otherside.

  • realtalk™

    ^Word I really fucked with his first tape..

    this is dope tho can't wait for Electric Highway, really hope it doesn't have a shitload of MMG features..

  • Flip

    This is harddddddddd, rockie fresh good change of pace from meek and wale

  • http://bogussince.tumblr.com OMNI BXMBAATAA

    Dang everybody before Stalley & Omarion lmfao

  • Kidd

    Dope definitely copping electric highway

  • milly

    'im like jordan olympic, at best u just pippen'
    beat was cool till twoards the end. tape should be piffy