Swerve & SYG – LyfeGoes(Cycles) (prod. Rav.P)

blame it on Shake January 9, 2013

Taken off both Swerve & SYG’s Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 and Rav.P & DJ Trigga’s Passport Archives (which drops January 21st).

  • d_rock585

    dope shit as always from these dudes , nothing less than ill , keep an eye out for these cats this year, big tings!

  • minh

    that good music, lovin it

  • Dope track!

  • NorCal Sk84Life

    swerve is the best rapper sacramento has. period. the thing about Swerve & SYG and especially Swerve is they bring Quality & Quantity. either it’s lots of trash, or 12 songs a year that are dope. these guys do it both. I’m becoming a really huge fan of this guy. being so close to sactown and knowin all the shit hes talking makes it even better. the 530 is holdin you down swerve!!!

  • Kevin Rod

    Good fricking music right here.. it’s what hip hop needs! 5/5 song

  • Kevin Rod

    GREAT MUSIC!!! 5/5 right here.. this is what hip hop NEEDS! keep up the great work guys

  • Spencer

    Is this sample from the forrest gump soundtrack? This shit is dope.

  • SKI

    swerve aint from sac tho.. dont get it confused nigga.

  • SKI is dumb

    ^^ this guys a retard. uninformed or trying to hate. Pretty positive he was born and raised in Sac for a long time.

  • STFU

    i dont care where ur born n raised in…. if u a rapper dont claim a city u not in. no one in sac knows who swerve is….. you could stand on a soapbox and scream swerves a queer on any corner in sac and not one fukk would b given. not sayin hes weak…. juss dont get it confused NIGGA


    your basically saying 99% of rappers can no longer rep there home towns. most artists from all kinds move from there home town, to LA, NY, ATX, ATL, etc to start their carreer’s. So because he has left can no longer claim sac? Shit isn’t chuuwee the biggest artist in sac? he was born and raised in texas.. so.. i get it. In today’s hip-hop, its about where you are, not where your from. i see what your sayin… except that sounds stupid as fuck. Swerve killin’ it! fuck what this guy says!

  • ItIsWhatITIs

    im pretty sure people get hated on for repping where they live at rather than where they’re from, never saw it argued the other way around…..since when has repping your hometown been look upon negatively?

  • sullz916

    i personally know this cat.. did a lot of dirt with him.. went to diff schools with him.. hes def 916 to the core.. new king since the Kings are leaving if you ask me. im in north bay now but I still rep sac. born n raised but I guess I aint from sac accoring to ur logic. y’all trippin. keep it real my dude.

  • 007

    Lol at the c-section and the soapbox guy. Let him rep where he’s from …who the fuck are you? DOPE TRACK

  • Karan

    Now THIS is the definiton of dope. These guys are really putting in work. Wish y’all nothing the best.

  • dope

    Been steady on repeat for me