Cassidy – Condom Style (Video)

blame it on Meka January 10, 2013

Yeah, he did a music video for this.

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  • IllaIiller

    Even tho i feel the song is kinda corny i respect Cassidy for trying to put out a positive message in is song by tellin these dude out here to wrap it up cause unwanted pregnancy’s STDs and AIDs is REAL

  • i respect this, putting out a positive message like this

  • Truth

    I also respect the message of the songs dudes gotta realize they bitches shady so you gotta wrap it up

  • This video isn’t emasculating for Cassidy because: the old tough guy rapper image is dead, Cassidy already established himself as a proficient emcee, and his fans remember that his career was cut short because of his car accident. He could still regain momentum like similar stalled rappers. e.g slaughter house, pusha-t/the clipse,

  • tical

    yeah except i dont use a condom specifically cause this corny shit told me to

  • Chirpus Phroctolator

    Good look. Fuck Meek Mill fake name changing ass, fruckletardish brained mullberry pricklehead, illuminati cock licking self with his incomprehensibly yelled gibberish lyrical backwash of idiotic bullshit resembling gaseous sounding flatulence. Dude needs to take his L so he can work at a fast food joint realizing hes no beast in this music business hipsters hang on the balls of’.

  • 2dope4nope

    I guess with the pink foamposite tells the song but regardless I SALUTE the nigga safe and guard the piece!


    approve of the message but i cant listen to this shit. too corny for me. i’ll never bump it lol

  • seneghoul

    this is what it takes for cassidy to bring his head above water? ha!

  • Gillian

    Seriously, how many people would say no to doing this if they were offered the right amount of money? Big up Cass for spreading a positive message. We all know he’s lyrical so why not do something fun?

  • For Damn Shame

    The funny thing is…if Meek, Soulja, or 2Chainz would of done this song y’all woulda been clowning them but since Cassidy comes into the imaginary realm of “real rappers” y’all respect it. For damn shame..

  • der

    whats funny is that yall will listen to afion crocket doing some cheesy parody but when cassidy does it and actually has a message yall call it corny. fuck outta here.

  • malcyvelli

    i cant take this seriously, i understand he did it for the big ass check and cab respect that, but this shit is just too whack, if this is supposed to be a real message, dont put it on a joke of a beat

  • For Damn Shame

    Lmaoo understand something. Cassidy spit over the most popular song to get the most notice. If he really was on that message type tip, don’t you think he would of made a whole track? Not just a freestyle over a global song? Yeah fuck outta here

  • For Damn Shame

    Also if everyone wants to say “He getting money tho!”, isn’t that a fucking paradox?!? I mean on one hand people on here say Kendrick or J.Cole sold out to make money, but when (sigh) a “real rapper” like Cassidy does it, it’s cool. For GODDAMN shame…

  • Jason

    Shouldn’t it have been Shawty Lo that made this music video? lol

  • poppa_Jorgio2013

    Why is this not under Random Acts Of Fuckery?

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    It definitely is corny, but you can’t disrespect the message.

  • SforMusic

    Self-righteous, hypocrites of hip hop fans lool, i dont care about Cassidy being a lyricist or a battle rapper, he made a video for a very corny song, if he was really was about the message, even the lord knows he would have a different record compared to this. Dont come here and say this is a positive song, and Cassidy allowed to do this cos he is such a great lyricist… A shit song is a shit song regardless of whether Cassidy, Meek,or even Lil B made it. Only reason why u like this because anti-MMG anti-YMCMB bullshit

  • Cage

    Yes, this shit mad cheesy but does anyone else see the word PARODY?? Google it, you fuckin idiots.

  • kiko

    Shits ballsy though.

  • Ryuk

    Man.. this music video had a massive budget.

  • Scotch

    Pipe Pussy Raw Forever!

  • Mr. Truth

    when this song originally came out everyone called it dog shit, which it is. it makes my ears bleed, but that’s besides the point. now that cassidy is in the meek mill beef this song is the fucking tits. yall niggas just hate meek mill that much. this song is fucking pure gatbage. cassidy is just trying to be relevant again by dissing meek mill. how is cassidy gonna promote safe sex when he has 6 kids with 5 different women. this nigga just doing this shit to pay child support.

  • Tekwon

    Holy shit this is cheesy!

  • you

    @Chirpus Phroctolator you sound like a fucking idiot adding tons of words to sound like you understand more than anyone else.

  • j

    lol hate him but he winning
    1. it spreads a positive message
    2. it takes him viral
    3. it takes the positive message viral
    4. he makes money

    say what you want

  • ^^^^^ truth.

  • Good message, but how you “get a Trojan endorsement deal”, then you’re passing out some magnum ‘Icon’ knock off jawns?

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  • liveeddd

    lmaoo dude above me knows his condoms