Meka’s Soul Mix Show: Straight Outta Flatbush

blame it on Meka January 10, 2013

Toast to the gods.

  • wtf?

    why the fuck do these posts always have pictures of asap? Nigga got a man crush or something? Like no words, just a weird ass song and a pic of asap with his finger in his mouth? w’the fuck?

  • r

    wHAT’S THE SONG name? Not “Bath salts” the sample

  • B.

    @wtf? The reason why it has a pic of Rocky is because they are sampled in his songs or songs he’s featured on.

  • Wtf

    Rocky ain’t no Brooklyn NIGGA. He’s from Harlem. Harlem is NOT Flatbush. It’s like diet Flatbush. The fuck?

  • Fiz7


    The song featured Flatbush Zombies….