• C

    GOOD Music's music is... Good. But these album artworks from ALL of them are lazy as hell.

  • BradC

    puttin out the "artwork" to a single/dropping a "trailer" for a video/album is the wackest shit ive ever seen. #tellemisaidthat

    • Slruim

      Putting a hastag on the a place that isn't twitter the wackest shit i've ever seen. I say this to you.......

  • zbMrOG

    can we be done with this copy and paste lame ass "artwork"...smh

  • coLB

    the artwork is still all yall care about......i like my artwork but not enough for it too get me all pissed off, i mean damn.

  • ?

    How come he rags on Wayne all the time for being fake but then works with Officer Ricky?
    Honest question from someone who dislikes both Wayne and Ross

  • ear2ear

    Hahaha, Pusha is hella cocky. Blocka was nice. That song with Future was pretty terrible. I don't even remember the song's title. Now you collab with the most generic rapper of all time...I don't know. Really loved his verse on "The Morning" but that's pretty much as high as my expectations and anticipation goes in all honesty. Hope he has Neptunes production on that bitch b/c he sounds more comfortable on those beats.

  • Mike Tomlin

    A Rick Ross feature how original...

  • flo

    terrible art work lmao. this shit is trash

  • Good Peoples

    @? EXACTLY! I fuck with Pusha but putting False Ross on the track is disappointing!

    But Pusha T >>>>>>

  • Kd

    Future Presents F.B.G.: The Movie - TRACKLIST. Out 1/13/13
    1. Movie (Ft. Young Scooter)
    2. Karate Chop (Ft. Casino)
    3. Mind Blown (Ft. 2 Chainz & Waka Flocka Flame)
    4. Top Down (Ft. Juicy J & Lil Wayne )
    5. Spikes On My Threads
    6. Rari (Ft. Cap1 & Rocko)
    7. Shinin
    8. My Niggas Winnin (Ft. Young Scooter, Rocko & Skool Boy)
    9. Roll Call (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)
    10. Neil Armstrong
    11. Quicksand (Ft. Big Sean)
    12. Armando
    13. Medusa Face (Ft. French Montana)
    14. Can't See Me (Ft. Trae Tha Truth)
    15. Kiss My Ass (Ft. Meek Mill)
    16. Hard
    17. Oh Lawd (Ft. Rocko & Chubbie Baby)
    18. Young Future Hendrix
    19. Too Real
    20. End