Pusha T – Millions f. Rick Ross [CDQ]

blame it on Illy January 10, 2013

Wraith of Caine coming soon. UPDATE: Sans Flex bombs!

  • HesusDuece

    pusha keep on killin em with that Drug Dealer Swag #mynameismyname

  • chuck

    that was underwhelming

  • Good Peoples

    Wraith of Caine coming soon…

    Pusha >>>>>> Yo Favorite rapper

  • pushaTfan

    this is diffidently the type of beat i enjoy listening rick ross on, non of that repeated shit he been on the last few years.

  • IslandKid

    Im just wondering why 2dbz doesnt post rejjie snow, seems right down their alley

  • Babyjesus

    GOD type music?? Fuck No. Overhyped? Yes. Surprised? No. Pusha is too cocky for his skill level.

    • AiMajor

      Trill shit I agree with you Pusha T Wack and overhyped. But that’s 102% of all music today, Bcuz of these dick riders and ass kissers, this will be considered a “classic” lol when it’s really just Wack and lazy music. If you disagree with me at me on twitter @ImAiMajor

  • Eh. CDQ?


    @Babyjesus Dude just STFU!

  • kiko

    @babyJesús his skill level is on some God type shit so mere mortals like yourself might struggle in understanding it. Those of us in the trap know exactly whats going on tho. you fuck nigga!

  • BobbyWhite

    This shit is hot

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    ‘choppers in the closet….millions in the ceiling’ …… lol nigga you ain’t got neither of those!

    And before you Pusha stans retort with ‘Ross is just as bad’…well of course you fucking moron, all these fake drug dealer rappers are as bad as each other.

    Their whole content is fabricated.

  • Joe

    SHIT IS HOT.. ross did his thing too for once

  • Chu The Conqueror

    Not tough but not bad neither. Would’ve been better w/ a Jeezy feature instead of Ross. And just one verse from Push. #itsthaworld #mynameismyname

  • Maybe

    This is garbage… im sorry. Niggas overhyping shit…

  • wqw

    its amazing to me how you hipsters can bash ross for allegedly rapping about the same shit…. but when pusha raps about coke on every song you try to justify it. its clear you just try to justify your hatred for certain artists with flimsy excuses which dont hold up, because your favorites will do the exact same shit and yall stay quiet.

  • Disappointment

    Shit was WACK honestly; let’s be REAL… shit was LAME, an I believe Pusha’s dope… but I’ma call em how I see it: how you gone chastize Lil Wayne for bein counterfeit; fake Piru/Blood, brick slingin etc. and then you go and do a record with Pseudo Ricky?!?! THE biggest fake n jake out here and ANOTHER who ‘claims’ Blood?!?! Sorry bruh but I’m sayin HYPOCRISY… *Head Shake*

  • marty mcfly

    @Pusha, Im glad this one didn’t have shit to do with Wayne but enough with the singles already. Pain and Blocka was dope, Exodus was meh and this is aiiight but its obvious you aint gonna make no banger for a single like My God. So just use New God Flow for your album, shoot a video for it and preferably the Ghostface version. That will serve as the third single with a video and boom release the album. Make sure Kanye is in the video and tell him bring his horse booty wifey along and it should be all good from there. If first week sales dont look that good, try dissing Wayne again idk but unless you gonna make some stronger shit just use New God Flow again. Ye Shrug

  • Push says “I restore the feeling” doesn’t mean he’s doing it currently. He’s making music for the ones that actually are. And yes Push does rap about coke just about every song, but he does it with lyricism in a witty way. He also talks about the repercussions of it because he’s lived it. Unlike Ross or any other rapper who just boast about it.

  • ee

    this song is wack

  • Jason Pack

    He’s not too cocky, he’s being 100% with himself. He’s doing him and gives his life in his verses. The song makes sense for the position he is in as an artist.

  • Frost

    what a shit chorus…


    IF YOUR GONNA USE A TRAP BEAT, PLEASE COME UP WITH A DIFFERENT FLOW. This shit is getting pretty fuckin redundant…Juicy J, Asap Rocky and 2 Chainz the only ones that’s killin them beats right now.

    This ain’t it Push…We’ve heard this already!!!!!

  • cLaRk

    makes me laugh people always complain about the music 50 makes saying its all the same he talks about the same stuff its wack but then people love this shit lol these 2 fake cocaine rappers and another fl studio beat

  • Homie J

    Pusha T goes to writes song. Writes lines about coke. Runs out of ideas. Looks a one of the many pictures he has of lil wayne. Writes sneak diss about wayne. Runs out of ideas. Talks about selling coke again song complete

  • @Stark

    “but he does it with lyricism in a witty way.”
    cmon groupie nigga. no he doesn’t. show me one line in here that was witty. Ross bodied your boy on here and he used the the same old flow he been using for 30 years. Pusha another run of the mill rapper with no originality. Rap sucks and hip hop was never real

  • J UK

    I’m a longtime Pusha fan and I fucks with all his music and verses, but I call a spade a spade….this ain’t as bad as y’all make out. Hook sounds like he bit his own shit (Keys Open Doors) and I don’t personally care, I listen to the verses and a nice hook is a bonus to help commercial appeal but it’s not the most important thing. Ross hardly killed his verse, I can’t tell it apart from many of his others, plus like many comments say he ain’t bout that life but don’t forget Push is/was. Pusha is one of the best lyricists, listen to his Name Me King verse as my favourite recent example to see the wordplay he throws out (go figure, go fish, fishscale, goldfish etc, and rollies cross oceans) and that’s what he brings to the table. It was lacking here, but this isn’t the kind of track that needs to be clever as it’s simply a heavy beat that he likely just wanted to bang in the streets and have an easier appeal. I get it, he put out Pain, Blocka and Millions and each of those songs brings something different to the table nahman, and for me Pain and Blocka really bang. He’s spreading his shit around to get more mixtape downloads and every artist does that, so I’ll forgive a weaker song (though I do quite like it, just less than I expected I would) and Push is still one of the greatest. And remember this is just a mixtape single, he ain’t putting out his fire shit just yet

    • Sp

      I’m with you on that. Agree with pretty much everything. Pusha T is doing all the right things. 2013 should be big for him.

  • check

    Its that Cocaine Push… cosign J UK, he is one the best lyricist. Hell hath no fury is a bonefide classic. There’s nothing wrong with this track, actually reminiscent of something HHNF…

  • check check

    Btw… his recent material hasn’t been up to par though. Fear of God was underwhelming IMO. Till The casket Drops was average at best, and since then its been a roller coaster with regards to the quality of his material… Hopefully in 2013 we’ll have some allround dope coke music from Push

  • J UK

    Check, the HHNF track I thought of with this is Keys Open Doors if that’s what you had in mind? Just a similar hook, the way Ross changed Actin’ Up into Hold Me Back. I agree that Till The Casket Drops was weaker but HHNF was hard to follow. Fear of God (and 2, I guess) just had a few standout tracks for me…and roller coaster in the sense that the highs are high and the lows just never get played. Tbh from Wrath of Caine, I’d be satisfied with a couple lows as long as he brings it on the rest and builds up to album

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman


  • king k

    that 3rd verse doe

  • 344 Dopes to 74 Nopes….Pusha wins!

    Pusha can’t please everyone. And nor should he try to.

  • @Homie J: “Pusha T goes to writes song. Writes lines about coke. Runs out of ideas. Looks a one of the many pictures he has of lil wayne. Writes sneak diss about wayne. Runs out of ideas. Talks about selling coke again song complete”

    for a good portion of pusha’s music, that is true.

  • ….Oh, but I can’t lie, the track bangs.
    Looking forward to Pusha’s GOOD debut album.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Dope, looking forward to the tape

  • friendsbfriends

    i just hope that west produces every fucking track on my name.. and saves pushas career. reminisce hhnf best rap album of all time.

  • bigErn

    This guy should stop the coke rap and become an assassin rapper. Blocka and Pain were great, but this is low-grade

  • PFFFF. I Was thrilled to hear new Pusha after the Exocus, the Song with Ghost on the GOOD compilation.. But since… Pain had the horrible hook, this one too + all the featurings stretch the content very thin.. Common man…

  • NinoBrigante


    rick ross will never best anyone on a track. stfu.

  • F.A.R


  • dick