Who Wants More From Beyoncé’s GQ Shoot?

blame it on Meka January 10, 2013

GQ has let loose the interview from Mrs. Carter’s Terry Richardson-helmed shoot with the magazine. Head down bottom for one more shot, and then hit GQ to catch the entire photo shoot.

  • kiko

    Great gif. my reaction exactly.

  • adi pre

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! That second pic, holy mother of fucking Nazareth. LOL @ Farooq, what the fuck happened to that shithead?

  • cLaRk

    She used to be so much hotter and a lot thicker to but then hollywood got her and made her more white same thing is now happening with nicki just you watch

  • jest

    jay-z sold his soul an thats one of the perks, shit wher i sign cuhz?

  • Lee

    Praise God…. Hallelujah!!!!!!

  • Terry

    yo when i tried to save this to camera roll, the picture is black and I cant even see her. wtf going on?

  • Totally Normal Guy

    I’d chop my dick off if it meant she’d agree to suck it. Even tho it wouldn’t be on my body and I wouldn’t be able to feel the sensation of her sucking it, it would be pleasing enough just to watch her suck my severed cock.

  • Orlando Scandrick

    I just hope the brain make me say JESUS!

  • check

    Dead @totally

  • Bob

    ehhh she’s ok

  • Jason

    @Clark, you’re the type of ignorant that makes the States look bad. She lives in NY, so “Hollywood” didn’t get her and make her “more white.” If I got on here and talked about a white model saying “it’s too bad she got so thick, now she looks black” you would scream and holler racist. And Nicki is nasty dude. There’s nothing wrong with being that thick, but she’s a sell-out that is catering to “the whites” way more than Beyonce is.

  • duh

    @clark…you must be tripping or looking at the timeline reverse..Nicki has gotten worse with her music but her body use to be even smaller in OLD pictures not new. And she got a ass job in the past few years before to help her blow up so its not going anywhere thats for sure haha

  • miron