Action Bronson Reacts To YouTube Comments On "The Symbol" (Video)

Action responds to Youtube comments on his music video for "The Symbol" on Noisey's "The People Vs."

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  • MacDoober

    hilarious, i could watch him do that for hours. anyone got his g pen? Ive been debating getting one

  • beyenesausage

    All dopes! (42)

  • marus

    got the g pen thang. do it. dont hesitate. i went skiing and smoked that shit the whole time. hella convinient

  • peteROC

    Black from my belly button to my nipples lolol

  • Otto Mann

    i got the g pen too. it is a greaat investment. i drive a school bus, and this comes in handy alot.

  • Isaac

    They should do a back and forth with Bronson and Danny Brown.

  • Phildren

    Hella G-Pen promo in the C-Section. lol

  • MacDoober

    lol, thanks for the helped gimme that extra nudge. just ordered the action bronson micro g with the snapback and tee!


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