Curren$y – His And Her Farraris

blame it on Shake January 11, 2013

Before he takes the stage in Las Vegas tomorrow night (click here for your chance to win tickets), Spitta drops off the first leak off his upcoming New Jet City project. A freeverse over Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples.”

  • Chris

    Curren$y make a “love song” sound to trill tho

  • CurrenSy has to be the most prolific popular rapper out

  • j

    classic picc

  • aremac

    i dig how you can hear him turning the pages in the track. nicely done.

  • you

    It’s spelt FERRARIS, not FARRARIS

  • eZ

    “i keep my circle tight… Herb,Wind,Fire” Probably some of the best verses ive heard from Spitta in a minute

  • malcyvelli

    “baby thats not no dress, thats a gown, it look good on you but itd look way better on the ground”

  • 2dope4nope

    Bearded Spitta \m/life hope that NJC drops right on 2/3..

  • Wonton Soup

    Love the verses….wish they were on beat.

  • B Real

    ^ Spitta is on point with this joint shit is dope as fuck, he riding the beat pretty nice like fuck you talkin about

  • Can we please stop using this retarded “freeverse” term? Jesus Christ, it’s fucking meaningless

  • djruthlessuk

    this guy is the definition of mediocre

  • Lol.

    Let me be honest, I’ve heard this guys stuff. He has some songs that show some lyrical ability, but for the most part he’s about Lil Wayne’s level with lyrics.

    He just has more substance than Lil Wayne. Meaning he will connect 2-4 bars but he’s really not as great as everyone makes him seem to be.

    Call me a hater but I don’t think this is 365dopes and 24 nopes.

  • jetset

    get on that Jet Life nigga this nigga showin how he knows his way round this industry for a while nigga finna be killing every tape he puts out and his team be right behind him. something different bout Currensy then all this rappers out hes like Wiz’s K&O but permanent for all you wack ass fake listeners out there hopefully thatll draw you niggas into this jetlife. currensy be killing everything man i cant preach it enough the amount of material he produces alone and his trill shit be too much for niggas to handle.

    I be on that Jetllife i suggest all you faggots who hating on this nigga find you some other nigga to hate on because this nigga too high for you lames to even hear yall. shit. he aint my favorite rapper but if anyone hate on this nigga better jump off a mother fucking cliff or play in some traffic because this dude is just having a good time and is born to spit bars thats that fire #HOTSPITTA

  • Jhock420

    I will call u crazy, 370 + likes and 25 dislikes, numbers dont lie and if u dont fuck with Curren$y I dont respect your opinion on hip hop or anything else for that matter, JETS

  • Ndo23

    Yall Trippin Spitta Rips Everything He Touches #Jetlife

  • Taylor

    It kills me how people that haven’t really been following Spitta’s music can criticize his work. He may not rap about the typical shit these new rappers be rapping about but his shit is dope. He doesn’t have to rap about killing niggas and fucking ten bitches in one day and whatever else. He’s different and for sure not a sell out. Other than that, this track is NICEEE!