Destiny's Child - Nuclear (prod. Pharrell)

For the first time since their break up in 2005, Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland reunite on the Pharrell-produced "Nuclear." Taken from the upcoming DC album, Love Songs (Jan 14), which is a 14-track compilation of the trio's music from 1997-2004.

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  • noir

    This shit is boring as hell... And the vocal mix sound weak too. Hope this ain't a CDQ joint.


  • Ying

    ill be honest i love destiny's child, but this isn't cutting it.

  • mickbigga

    Maybe it's just me missing hearing them together, but I like this jawn...yeah it's not the best Destiny's Child song, but at least they came back together for it...I'm happy wit it.

  • Jtron

    Good music for the weather channel.

  • Good Peoples!

    Every song doesn't have to be a fucking hit single! Damn this probly just a lil warm up track b4 they put out really good material

    Stop complaining like lil faggots!

  • Kanye East

    Boring, needs life. Should of hit up Organized Noize instead.

  • Hater

    @Good Peoples! - Shut the fuck up B. Let people not like something in peace.

  • Idk reminds me of a fashion runway,........ and let the Azealia Banks hate tweets begin. LOL

  • Good Peoples!

    @Hater I'm guessing you are being sarcastic LOL


    This is pree dope though.

  • @Lord Amadeus haha a fashion show, I hear that too.

    Foreal tho, this shit is boring, reminiscing of the 90s (and not in a good way). And Pharrell, this beat must've been from the high school archives (no offense to your career). Finally, not disrespecting DC's success collectively and separately, but this sounds like a demo from back in the day, I know you lovely ladies are capable of waaayyyy more; I've witnessed it.

    Not dope.

  • dirk

    Has that 90s vibe - I love it. Y'all shut the fuck up. I bet you want something lame "produced by Mike will made it" or "produced by another producer with lame slow beats"

  • scrillz

    The beat sounds exactly like some Baltimore club music.

  • TyLFI

    Its not typical Destinys Child, but its cool,yall be hatin vicious. It's a mature song.


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