Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (rmx) f. Outkast

As we heard about before, Big Boi joins Andre 3000 on the remix to Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter." Now can we get a proper Outkast reunion this year? UPDATE: Added official artwork.

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  • Inquiring Mind

    WTF was that gay ass giggle that kept playing over Big Boi's verse?! Why didn't 3 Stacks add a new verse?

  • Zak

    @InquiringMind because this was Big Boi spitting a verse, not a full-blown remix.

  • So yeah I know this is not an official Outkast record but I will take what I can get. Big still snapped. @InquiringMind I wanted to know the same thing. I'm guessing its there because its not an official release. Either way I'm happy. Just waiting on an official album.

  • mcd

    The laugh is probably there to cover a problem with looping the instrumental. I wonder what Frank Ocean thinks of this

  • quas

    the laugh killed the song

  • TR

    Laugh was annoying, but i like the added Big Boi verse

  • mez

    songs not working.
    and damn i expected this to be a true legit remix from Outkast.
    All this is is Big Boi adding a verse onto 3ks features

  • pork

    Damn I miss Outkast so much. I'd rather hear new Outkast than hypothetically digging up any dead artist to make music again. It's just such a waste to have both of them in their prime and no new music, it's our genre's Beatles. I just hope if the reunion happens we won't all be like, "damn four years too late".

  • Good Peoples!


  • AGE

    bad link

  • JD

    They snatched that down QUICK. Outkast can NOT prosper is NO FORM in these streets lol

  • Juanka

    Now it's w/o laugh!

  • rab

    big boi's verse is awful, no new andre, meh, pass.

  • Davey

    lol i was reading this listening to the one with no laugh thinking wtf are you guys talking about

  • stephen


  • T9FTW

    That laugh was "HEU-HEU-HAA!." I laughed the first time then I was like "STFU!!!"

  • thisguy

    this song was done already. finito, perfecto

  • Nasty

    Agreed, perfecto.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Bunch of weirdos.